His house, his life, the interest of the Central Bank and Bolsonaro – 06/22/2021 – Vinicius Torres Freire

Since August last year, the average market interest rates for mortgages have been around 7.7%, close to historical lows. The most recent information on this statistic compiled by the Central Bank is from April. Will the cost of money to buy a house stay in this peace? Hmm. The cost of financing a car has … Read more

Real Madrid: Lendoiro: I apologise to Vinicius and to Real Madrid’s fans if they were offended

Real Madrid Compared Brazilian with Tebas Augusto Cesar Lendoiro has looked to clarify comments he made about LaLiga president Javier Thebes, where he compared him with Real Madrid winger Vinicius Junior. The former Deportivo La Coruna president was angry that the Galician side’s match with Fuenlabrada has been postponed due to the Madrid-based team having … Read more

PSG breaks the pact and does this with Vinícius Júnior

Disturbing rumors come for him Madrid from his neighboring country and they are referring to the most interesting emerging player in the whole of Chamartín: Vinícius Júnior, and are closely related to the movement planned and programmed by the white box for the next summer of 2021 (or the coming summer season, which would be … Read more