I want to work less and earn more now. “Lavi” Štáfek is simply not correct and (probably) will not. VIP scandals and affairs

05.04.2022 Photo: Bioscop (as well as other images in the article, unless otherwise stated) Description: Jakub Štáfek in his iconic role of Lavi in ​​Vyšehrad Fylmu The Vyšehrad football series is one of the wildest on Czech streams. The story of the talented football player Julius “Lavi” Lavický, who tarnished his talent in the company … Read more

Only Tereza… The actress has worked out on a regular, what one show has been doing for 15 years. And the star of the series. But it wasn’t always hey. VIP scandals and affairs

21.09.2021 Photo: Czech Television (as well as other images in the article and in the photo gallery, unless otherwise stated) Caption: Tereza Kostková on the CT film for the next StarDance series PHOTO GALLERY Czech television will be dancing again. In just a few weeks, ten dancing couples consisting of a dancer and a celebrity … Read more