Tempted by cheap ear piercings, ends in regret until you have to do this

Tempted by Affordable Ear Piercing, Woman Regrets Ending Having Surgery (TikTok) Hitekno.com – A woman shares her experience ear piercing at a low price. But unfortunately, it ended up being a serious injury and had to undergo it operation. The story was shared through video posts on the TikTok account until finally viral on social … Read more

Had a viral bath of money, this woman was edited by her own former maid, her husband’s visuals were not cans

Sosok.ID – Datuk Seri Vida, is a figure who once made a scene because his video was bathed in money in 2017. She is indeed known as a wealthy widow from the Neighboring State, Malaysia. At that time, Datuk Seri Vida had time to shoot a video clip titled ‘I Am Me’ with a bathtub … Read more

After the Xpander Viral, the Toyota Fortuner RWD SUV also failed to climb, how come?

tiktok.com/@bossdoofc Toyota Fortuner retreats on the incline of Sireview Lauik Otoseken.id – If previously Mitsubishi Xpander viral on social media because it failed to climb the Sireview Lauik climb, West Sumatra, now it’s the turn of the Toyota Fortuner which failed to climb. Viral on social media, in the videos uploaded by the account Tiktok … Read more

Turn on the Honda Beat using a Kick Starter, this motorbike actually makes the public laugh, how come?

Suara.com – A video showing a man turning on machine Honda BeAT viral on social media. This video was uploaded by the Instagram account @corner_oto. Seen in the video, a man is trying to start the Honda Beat engine. Usually when the motor is in good condition, the owner of the motor starts using electric … Read more

Viral Women Have A Super Small Waist With An Hourglass -Like Body, This Is It

Suara.com – Viral the story of a young woman from Vietnam, who lives in the United States obsessed with having waist small with a body shaped like an hourglass. He has made every effort, until finally getting a waist with a size of 46 centimeters. Reported by Oddity Central, the story viral on social media … Read more

Seeing Woman Climbing Mount Carrying Toddler, Netizen: Isn’t It Dangerous?

Illustration of going up the mountain. (Pixabay) Hitekno.com – A woman look Mountain climbing by barking toddler. His action caught the attention of netizens, until the appearance viral on social media. Netizens have highlighted a lot of this woman’s toughness in carrying a toddler when climbing Mountain. But there are those who question its safety. … Read more

The intention to show off a 2-door refrigerator, when it was opened, it even surprised me

Refrigerator illustration. (Pixabay) Hitekno.com – A netizen show off 2 door refrigerator on social media, but when it was opened it shocked those who watched it. Not because there are unusual contents in the refrigerator, but because of the condition refrigerator 2 doors on display. The action of showing off this 2-door refrigerator was recorded … Read more

Long-term intention to buy the original Jogja Cobek, what you get is even painful

Cobek illustration. (Pixabay) Hitekno.com – A woman shares her buying experience cobek of Jogja. But unexpectedly, the tool he bought in Parangtritis, Yogyakarta was not as expected. After arriving home and trying it out, the mortar he bought was not what he imagined. Until the end viral on social media. He shared the story through … Read more

Videos of Her Children Without Viral Clothing, Uncen Lecturer: That’s Character Murder, Just Attack Me Page all

KOMPAS.com – Video when Marinus Yaung, lecturer at Cenderawasih University (Uncen), became a speaker through the application Webinar Becomes viral on social media. Without realizing it, a naked girl appeared behind him. After that, Marinus explained, the girl was her child who was still in fourth grade of elementary school. “This is my daughter, and … Read more