For the sake of love, men make statues of their dead wives and display them at home

Kolkata – Tapas Sandilya felt a great loss when his wife, Indrani, died of COVID-19. In order to remember the soulmate who has been with him for 39 years, he made a special statue. This 65-year-old man spent around IDR 467 million to make a life-size statue that resembles his wife. The statue made of … Read more

This Viral Youth is Not Prestige to Sell at the Night Market, Making Netizens Salfok

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Viral man’s confession of marrying an older woman, the same age as his stepson

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The Viral Story of a Boss Marrying an Apprentice’s Child, Age Difference and Country Becomes the Spotlight

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The wedding turns into a disaster after the groom gets a gift from his mother-in-law

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Viral Woman Married to a Ghost, Invite the Dead

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The story of a woman cheating on her husband with a salary of hundreds of millions with a security guard, finally..

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Viral boarding house occupants don’t mix, the room is forced open, the boarding house is shocked to see it

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Man Surprised To Know The Facts Of Beggars Who Was Given Money A Year Ago, Turns Out…

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Viral 17-year-old woman becomes a widow after 2 days of marriage, the reason is sad

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