Revealed, this is the reason the Madiun man went viral with his condition with the Singapore flu

Jakarta – Not long ago a viral man in Madiun named Satrio admitted he had the Singapore flu. Through his TikTok account, he uploaded his condition when he was exposed to the Singapore flu. Suddenly, the video immediately went viral and reaped various comments from netizens. So, what is the purpose of going viral on … Read more

The intimate photo of Ángela Leiva that her boyfriend published and went viral

several months ago Angela Leiva made official his courtship with Gabriel Mikelovich, one of the musicians in his bandAccording to herself, love was born behind the scenes and both are very much in love. In this context, Gabriel wanted to express everything he felt with a tender message, but it ended in an escrache of … Read more

TikTok Viral Video Link Similar to Maya Budak UiTM No Sensor 14 Seconds on Dropbox, Check Full Download Link

BOGOR REVIEW – There is currently a heated discussion on TikTok link video viral from Maya UiTM boy. Ada link download no sensor from Dropbox? Many are looking link Maya UiTM boy viral on TikTok with no clothes available on Dropbox. From this incident, Maya UiTM boy has become much discussed in neighboring Malaysia, including … Read more

WHO offers consolidated guidance on STIs, HIV and viral hepatitis, plus new recommendations for at-risk patient populations

Why is this important? The consolidated guidelines highlight the need to end stigma and discrimination; to provide key tools, such as harm reduction strategies, pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis, vaccination, screening to encourage the prevention of HIV, STIs and viral hepatitis; and treat existing infections. Key points New recommendations regarding prevention: Offer long-acting cabotegravir to people … Read more

Shameless Bride Viral, Asks for Donations for Wedding Fees to Bridesmaid

Malaysia – The presence of bridesmaids or bridesmaids is now a common thing in a wedding. Bridesmaid is usually a friend or relative of the bride whose job it is to help the bride on the wedding day. But what happens if the bridesmaid is asked for money by the bride for the wedding costs? … Read more

Police Search Surabaya’s Old Empty House After Viral Screams of Woman

Surabaya – The sound of a mysterious woman’s scream suddenly appeared from an empty house on Jalan Demak Jaya I, Surabaya, East Java. Residents searched for the source of the sound and reported it to the police. Reported by detikJatim, Monday (8/8/2022), the Head of the Bubutan Police, Kompol Christian Manapa, confirmed that his party … Read more

Shiver! This is the Mystery of the Unseen City of Saranjana which is Viral, Modern and Advanced City in South Kalimantan

Sonora.ID – Kota magical Saranjana is going viral again on social media, especially TikTok. Saranjana city described as a modern city with a very advanced civilization compared to the world today. That said, the city of Saranjana which is administratively (in the real world) is located in Kotabaru Regency, South Kalimantan. Even so, there are … Read more

Police Explanation about the Viral Scream of a Woman from an Empty House in Surabaya

Surabaya – A mysterious woman’s scream suddenly emerged from an empty house on Jalan Demak Jaya I, Surabaya. Residents searched for the source of the sound and reported this to the police. The Head of the Bubutan Police, Kompol Christian Manapa, confirmed that his party had received the report. Christian said that his party and … Read more

Christian Nodal: chef video goes viral for his resemblance to the singer

A double of Christian Nodal has been released on Tik Tok. Photo: Cuartoscuro/Archive In a video circulating on social networks, you can see the double of Christian Nodal, successfully personified by a Salvadoran chefwho appears singing a hit by the famous Mexican and even with the same tattoos. Although, although the chef José Luis Aristides … Read more

The Story of a Sundanese Woman Married to an African Man, Bullied for Physical

Nigeria – Love stories from different countries save various stories because they unite different customs and cultures. Like this couple from different countries who are in the public spotlight. This is Rahayu, a Sundanese woman who is married to an African man named Kiel. She often uploads various activities with her husband through Youtube and … Read more