ToonMe: How do you become a Pixar-style character with your photos? | Viral

Jean G. FowlerJanuary 13, 2021 – 17:17 The application of the moment transforms you into a character from a Pixar movie; Check how to use it here step by step! With the fact that most of us remain locked up for much of our time, suddenly, everyday life becomes boring and we seek to entertain … Read more

Viral video | He knows how to deceive: the dog makes his owner believe that he has not eaten without permission and the scene goes around the world | Twitter | OVER THE COUNTER

There are a huge number of dog videos on the internet because they always get attention for their adorable actions. An example of this is a clip featuring a dog telling the time on social media such as Twitter for a very special reason. What was? Well, animals know how to cheat, since this animal … Read more

The viral Twitter thread that compares celebrities who look like the same person, but are not News Spain

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A woman’s incredible trick to make her husband look for something in the kitchen

Household tasks, such as washing dishes, cooking or cleaning, often have a family flow chart to avoid problems and arguments. But there are smaller issues, almost minimal, like waiting for the other to get up to ask for something. Everything leads to arm strategic blackboard plays to see who is the laziest in the couple. … Read more

Music: Shakira’s latest viral choreography: An arm dance that everyone is trying to imitate

Music Her last one also went viral Shakira has posted her latest dance choreography on Instagram, a dance involving her arms, whilst at the hair salon. Shakira has recently taken TikTok by storm with her dance for the video “Girl Like Me” by the Black Eyed Peas. The 1980s-style dance generated more than 4.4 million … Read more

A young man from Tik Tok goes viral for speaking like the actor

Seeing people imitate the voice of the most well-known faces has become the daily bread. Social networks are full of videos imitating singers, actors, politicians or presenters. But this time a Tik Tok user has gone viral for “speaking the same” as Mario Casas. Sergio, who accumulates more than 400 thousand followers on Tik Tok, … Read more

Viral video | Arnold Schwarzenegger dismisses Donald Trump with the sword of “Conan the barbarian” | United States | USA | USA | Twitter | Trends | Trends | nnda nnrt | OVER THE COUNTER

Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to post a video on Twitter who became viral quickly because there he “said goodbye” to Donald Trump with the sword of “Conan the barbarian”. His words went around the world. All the details are in this note. MORE INFORMATION: And what happened to the Simpsons? South Park beat him and “predicted” … Read more

Woman who does not believe that it fell in storm Filomena is snow goes viral

Many Internet users did not forgive the protagonist of a viral video on Twitter for her suspicions, with a conspiratorial touch, about the storm Filomena in Spain. The woman makes a snowball that she collects from her balcony to prove that “what they are sent” is not natural. With a lighter he brings the fire … Read more

IN VIDEO: Rodallega’s goal that resounds in Turkey |

/ PHOTO: TAKEN FROM THE WEB. Colombian Hugo Rodallega does not stop in terms of his scoring contribution so his team, Denizlispor, is having a poor campaign and has already added 4 dates without being able to win for the Turkish Super League. Read also: You are one click away from starting to enjoy the … Read more