The virologist clarified how much we have to fear the Indian double mutant

It is very likely that the Indian double mutant will also enter Hungary. Virologist Miklós Rusvai told BorsOnline whether it was more dangerous than the previously known variants. It is very likely that the Indian double mutant will also enter Hungary. Virologist Miklós Rusvai told BorsOnline whether it was more dangerous than the previously known … Read more

“The Brazilian variant is not a threat”, according to virologist Jean-Michel Pawlotsky

INTERVIEW The government announced on Saturday evening a ten-day quarantine for travelers from Brazil, Argentina, Chile and South Africa. This measure aims to control the arrival of different variants of the coronavirus on French territory. The virologist at CHU Henri-Mondor, Jean-Michel Pawlotsky, guest on Europe 1 Monday noon, believes that quarantine is a good decision … Read more

Virologist: AstraZeneca Vaccine Does Not Contain Pigs

AstraZeneca purchased HEK 293 cells as host cells for the adenovirus from Thermo Fisher. This cell attaches to the plate container and to release it using the enzyme trypsin. “To move it, trypsin is needed which is like scissors. If this cell gets trypsin, it will float in the medium so that it can be … Read more

The virologist Margarita del Val explains why young people suffer more reaction to the coronavirus vaccine

Margarita del Val, virologist and researcher at the CSIC, explains that, although the safety of the AstraZeneca vaccine is now under scrutiny, it is necessary to be cautious before reaching a conclusion. “Everyone we are mortal and people die “, points out in this regard, and adds: “For this reason, it is important to know … Read more

Virologist Niesters UMCG: third wave can no longer be averted

Photo: De Redactie A third corona wave can no longer be averted. Virologist Bert Niesters of the UMCG expresses this fear in the Nederlands Dagblad. ‘If we don’t have lower figures by the end of next week than we do now, we will have a big problem.’ According to him, there is “a competition: the … Read more

The Estonian virologist has his own opinion as to why the number of Covid-19 cases in Latvia is the lowest in the Baltics

Speaking on Estonian public radio on Tuesday, he expressed surprise that Finns were more worried about the resumption of migration, even though the spread of the new coronavirus was much higher in their own country. According to Merits, the situation is roughly the same in all three Baltic countries, and in Latvia it is even … Read more

Virologist OMT: ‘Open terraces could have a good effect’ | Inland

De Jong understands the appeal of catering owners. “You could say that if there was a guarantee that opening the terraces would lead to less gathering together in, for example, the Museumplein and the Vondelpark, it might have a very good effect. If the terraces are also well regulated in terms of distance, then I … Read more

French virologist: The evolutionary potential of COVID-19 has been exhausted, becoming a common seasonal virus

A member of the Scientific Council of France, virologist Bruno Lina, said that the “evolutionary potential” of the COVID-19 virus is about to be exhausted, reports “Le Figaro”. “When it reaches this end, it will return to the ranks of the usual seasonal viruses that cause colds or mild forms of infectious diseases,” said the … Read more

Virologist Drosten & vaccine researcher Sander: AstraZeneca is very valuable!

February 27, 2021 – 11:50 am Clock Online information round of the Berlin Charité about vaccinations The vaccine from the manufacturer AstraZeneca is recently among other things because of strong vaccination reactions and concerns about reduced protection against corona infection have been criticized. That’s why some don’t want the vaccine. But how justified are these … Read more