Not free anymore. Tourists pay to enter the most visited Italian monument

The entrance fee to the originally polytheistic temple dedicated to the ancient Roman gods will not be drastically high. Adults from the age of 26 will pay five euros (120 crowns), visitors under the age of 25 will pay two euros (48 crowns). Children, mass attendees and residents of Rome will continue to have free … Read more

Robert Pattinson visited the Buenos Aires underground and bought works by Argentine artists

Pattinson in The Vomit (Twitter Credit: @enz4censur4) While Suki Waterhouse She told all her fans who went to see her at Lollapalooza that Argentina is “the coolest country in the world” and that it was “the best show of my life.” Robert Pattinson, her boyfriend, applauded backstage. That Friday the San Isidro Hippodrome was overflowing … Read more

TEXT LIVE. Russia’s war in Ukraine; Putin reportedly visited Mariupol

This year, 72, and since the start of the war in Ukraine – 6,047 Ukrainian refugee homes, which were registered and, if necessary, tagged with a microchip, were taken to a veterinarian in Latvia free of charge, the Food and Veterinary Service (PVD) informs the LETA agency. PVD states that most of the animals have … Read more

[르포] “110mm thick steel is like a roll cake”…I visited the only offshore wind power substructure production site in Korea

“I put straight-shaped high-tensile steel (high-strength steel) in a bending machine called a roll bender and roll it up. So, at first it became a letter J shape, then a C shape, and then an O shape. It’s called ‘JCO process’. The O-shaped pipe (steel pipe) made in this way becomes the lag (leg) of … Read more

Lithuanians who have visited the country that sided with Russia talk about the eye-popping contrasts: the locals walk in the streets with bloat, and hundreds of rats scurry under their feet

It is true that Iranian officials officially deny the supply of drones, play the role of the cock, play offended and invite Ukrainian officials to conduct some special investigations or similar nonsense. They say little, after all, Putin also said that there are no Russian soldiers in Ukraine. Of course, he did that before the … Read more

No Need to Run Away or Dizzy, Here’s a Safe Legal Borrowing Galbay Solution Without Having to Be Afraid of Being Visited by a Debt Collector – The method of billing a legal debt collector certainly has a difference from an illegal loan debt collector. Even so, billing through a debt collector will, of course, make the borrower uncomfortable. Especially if the debt collector comes to the borrower’s house, boarding house or even the workplace or office. In addition, even … Read more

King Gnu’s Daiki Tsuneda visited the “Saint Laurent” show where he serves as an ambassador Talking about his thoughts with exclusive photos – WWDJAPAN

Daiki Tsuneda of King Gnu who is an ambassador of “Saint Laurent” PHOTOS: TOMOYUKI KAWAKAMI Daiki Tsuneda of King Gnu who is an ambassador of “Saint Laurent” PHOTOS: TOMOYUKI KAWAKAMI Daiki Tsuneda of King Gnu who is an ambassador of “Saint Laurent” PHOTOS: TOMOYUKI KAWAKAMI Daiki Tsuneda of King Gnu who is an ambassador of … Read more

Public toilets in Shibuya Ward, where women-only toilets are disappearing and becoming shared toilets are unreasonable… What is the discomfort of this magazine’s female reporter who visited the site | Smart FLASH / Smuffler[光文社週刊誌]

A public toilet newly established in Hatagaya, Shibuya Ward is causing controversy. It all started with a tweet by Ken Suda, a member of the Shibuya Ward Assembly. On March 6th, Mr. Suda uploaded a photo of a public toilet and wrote, “A new toilet in Hatagaya. Today, I have some business nearby, so I … Read more