The Blood-Red Sun Appearance, This Is the Cause

Thursday, 25 May 2023 – 07:48 WIB VIVA World – Strange phenomenon form of appearance Sun blood red was seen over most of the state United States of America (US). Residents in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Illinois, and Iowa, reported seeing the phenomenon of a blood-red sun. Reporting from DailyMail, Thursday, May 25 2023, … Read more

5 Countries Outside Indonesia with the Largest Number of Javanese Tribes

Monday, 15 May 2023 – 10:30 WIB VIVA World – Javanese ethnic are one of the largest ethnic groups in Indonesia, also scattered in several countries outside Indonesia. Migration and diaspora the Javanese have brought influence culturelanguage, and tradition them to various parts of the world. The following is a list of countries outside Indonesia … Read more

Many X Signs Appear on the Streets of Moscow, What’s Up?

Wednesday, 10 May 2023 – 20:47 WIB VIVA World – Social media users and media outlets have reported many red Xs, which they say have mysteriously appeared on several streets in Moscow and much speculation has arisen about what these Xs mean. The markings on streets in the Russian capital fueled some theories that they … Read more

Shock News Saudi Arabia Allows LGBT, How come?

Monday, May 8 2023 – 10:59 WIB VIVA World – Saudi Arabia is known as one of the countries that rejects LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender). Where the group can be given severe punishment and even death. Saudi Arabia is reportedly now allowing LGBT people to come to the country, the website reveals thepinknews … Read more

Not Europe, World War 3 Will Break Out in Arabia, Here’s the Fact

Saturday, May 6 2023 – 08:48 WIB VIVA World – Many suspect that the threat of World War 3 will occur in the European region because of Russia and Ukraine or in the Taiwan Strait, because of Taipei and China. However, this apparently does not apply to geopolitical analyst and author of The Shadow War, … Read more

Chinese Astronauts Will Compete with NASA, United States Ketar-Ketir

Thursday, May 4 2023 – 15:38 WIB VIVA World– NASA is currently working on their astronauts to be able to set foot on the moon again in 2025. However, it turns out that NASA is not alone in controlling the moon, but China plans to land their astronauts on the moon in 2023, this makes … Read more

China’s Military Moves to Singapore and Laos, What’s Up?

Wednesday, May 3 2023 – 10:56 WIB VIVA World – China’s military docked to Singapore and Laos amidst intensive military cooperation between the United States and the Philippines. In late April to early May, the Chinese and Singaporean naval fleets held joint exercises within the framework of the China-Singapore Exercise Cooperation 2023. During the exercise, … Read more

Bangladeshi boy who was viral locked in a container to Malaysia died drowned

Wednesday, 3 May 2023 – 10:03 WIB VIVA World – Ratul Fahim, a Bangladeshi boy whose videos and photos went viral because he was locked in a container that reached Malaysia, recently drowned in a pond. Fahim (14) was locked in a container while playing hide and seek on January 17, 2023. He fell asleep … Read more

Sadistic, Russian Sniper Shoots Ukrainian Journalist To Death

Thursday, April 27 2023 – 16:33 WIB VIVA World – A Ukrainian journalist who translated for journalists from the Italian media, La Repubblica, Bogdan Bitik, died allegedly as a result of being attacked by a Russian sniper or sniper in Kherson, Wednesday, April 26, 2023 yesterday. La Repubblica reported that their journalist, Corrado Zunino, and … Read more

A Beautiful Strange Object Suddenly Appears in the Sky of Alaska

Tuesday, 18 April 2023 – 04:27 WIB VIVA World – A mysterious blue-white spiral light appeared on Saturday morning local time, moving quickly across the sky on the northern Alaskan horizon to amaze people. But there’s something very different about the sudden center of a celestial body: it’s a strange, beautiful object in motion. “It … Read more