After being charged with “illegal practice of medicine”, Viviana Canosa sued Jorge Lanata

On August 6, after the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health of the Nation warned in repeated publications that products containing chlorine dioxide -recommended by some people as a treatment against COVID-19- or related substances (sodium chlorite, sodium hypochlorite, bleach) should not be consumed since “there is no scientific evidence on their efficacy … Read more

Viviana Canosa is charged with illegal practice of medicine – News

The journalist Viviana Canosa was charged by “illegal practice of medicine”, after taking chlorine dioxide in your program Nothing personal, which is issued by Canal 9. This was confirmed by his lawyer, Juan Manuel Dragani, who stressed that “she is bad and distraught”. / Embedded Code Home / / End Embed Code / The deputy … Read more

After the controversy over chlorine dioxide, Viviana Canosa is going to sue Jorge Lanata

Viviana Canosa will initiate legal actions against Jorge Lanata and three other journalists Credit: Instagram After what Jorge Lanata criticized a Viviana Canosa for the death of the five-year-old who would have ingested chlorine dioxide in Neuquen after she took the preparation in her program, the driver’s lawyer confirmed that she will initiate legal action … Read more

Viviana Canosa was charged with “illegal practice of medicine”

Juan Manuel Dragani, lawyer of Viviana Canosa, confirmed that the driver was charged with the crime of “illegal practice of medicine” after the complaint of the Neuquén deputy of the Front of All, Mariano mansilla. The deputy from Neuquén denounced Viviana Canosa for alleged “crime of quackery or illegal practice of medicine” after she drank … Read more

Gioele Mondello, found remains near the Viviana Parisi pylon

A referral from a volunteer who is participating in searches for Gioele Mondello, the 4-year-old boy who disappeared on 3 August along with his mother Viviana Parisi, later found dead, led to the discovery of some bone remains and traces of clothing, it would seem a t-shirt, compatible with those worn by the little one. … Read more

Dead DJ, medical certificate found in the car: “Viviana suffered from paranoia and mystical crises”

19 August 2020 11:12 The document, left in the dashboard, was released by the Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto hospital in March 2020 To reveal it, according to reports from the Corriere della Sera, is one of the family’s lawyers, Claudio Mondello, cousin of the DJ’s husband, Daniele Mondello. The certificate was in the dashboard of … Read more

Viviana and Gioele, correspondent of “Who has seen” finds a piece of the seat near the trellis

The hook that secures the child seat to the car seat was found a short distance from the high voltage pylon under which the lifeless body of Viviana Parisi was discovered by a correspondent of the Rai 3 program Who has seen it. The TV program, conducted by Federica Sciarelli, dedicated a special to the … Read more

Viviana Parisi, where is the family that helped you? “Father, mother, two children. They also bypassed the guardrail”

Father, mother and two teenage children aboard a “metallic gray” or “light-colored” sedan: they would be the witnesses who would stop to help Viviana Parisi and to the son Gioele Mondello last August 3. From them, from their words, fundamental elements for the investigation could come. But they are not found. The research of little … Read more

There remains a murder mystery of Viviana, today the autopsy – Chronicle

The autopsy ordered by the Prosecutor’s Office of Patti on the body of DJ Viviana Parisi, whose body was found three days ago in the countryside of Caronia after five days of her disappearance with her four-year-old son Gioele, could be postponed for a few hours or even in the afternoon. which has not yet … Read more

Viviana Parisi, mystery about Joel: was she in the car or not? The unpaid toll

From our correspondentMESSINA – There is one Viviana cheerful, enterprising, creative. the Viviana DJ, the vocalist, the Express Viviana of electronic music, a woman with a thousand ideas who left Turin to be next to her husband in the distant Sicily of Venetico. And there is Viviana of the last few months, lost, distressed, confused. … Read more