Point out all 5 features that will make you fall in love with the Vivo Y72 5G.

Even nowadays, 5G smartphones will have more models to choose from. But one of the 5G handsets that has caught the eye and received a lot of buzz. Would be inevitable Vivo Y72 5G The first Y Series smartphone that supports 5G network connection for less than ten thousand. Packed with specifications that are worth … Read more

Including the most interesting new 5G mobile phones for March 2021

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Get to know the Vivo Y72 5G, a smartphone of a new generation. Complete in one device

Officially unveiled Ready to open for pre-order for Vivo Y72 5G The first Y Series smartphone supporting 5G network connection with the concept ‘5G access anytime, anywhere ‘ Packed with top-of-the-line features that are fully functional for every application and response to the needs and lifestyles of the new generation in the social generation. With … Read more

Including promotions, book Vivo Y72 5G, the latest mobile phone. Which one gives a full range of free gifts!

Another interesting smartphone For those who want to use 5G at a great price, Vivo Thailand has launched a new model Vivo Y72 5G The official price has been knocked at the price of 9,999 baht, which is now in the opening period for pre-order reservations. Anyone interested has a booking period until March 30, … Read more