I’m Upset You Called Me a Murderer

loading… WASHINGTON – Russian President Vladimir Putin invited his US counterpart, President Joe Biden, for a telephone conversation earlier this year. It came after he was branded a murderer by Biden in an explosive interview that brought relations between the two leaders to rock bottom. That’s revealed in a new book that reveals behind the … Read more

Russia Has Extraordinary Military Strength

loading… WASHINGTON – General John Hyten, Deputy Chiefs of the Joint Chiefs of Staff United States of America (US), admitted Russia now has tremendous military power. According to him, it happened after President Vladimir Putin changed his nuclear force since 2006 ago. “Russia has an incredibly strong military,” Hyten said in a statement podcast Atlantic … Read more

This is the wealth of the president in the world, Putin is the richest with Rp.996 trillion

loading… JAKARTA – Presidents and kings in the world are often in the spotlight of the international community because of their wealth. Even though they live in luxury, some of them hide their assets so that they are difficult to access by the media. The following is a list of the presidents and kings with … Read more

Putin Ledek US, Calls 20 Years of War in Afghanistan Zero Result and Tragedy

Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Source: Associated Press) MOSCOW, KOMPAS.TV – Russian President Vladimir Putin mocked the achievements of the United States (US) during 20 years of war in Afghanistan. According to Putin the result of the US occupation there is zero and is filled with tragedy. The US has ended 20 years of war in … Read more

“Threat to national security” – Libero Quotidiano

In Russia there is no Taliban in power, but the Tsar Vladimir Putin does not forgive and Western journalists are thrown out as in Kabul, perhaps without the machine gun drawn. The case, also told by Press, it is sensational: Sarah Rainsford, correspondent of the Bbc from Moscow, she was expelled from the Kremlin as … Read more

the proof of the interpreter, as they replaced the Tsar – Libero Quotidiano

Maurizio Stefanini August 26, 2021 The legend of the two Putins is back. After a not particularly authoritative English newspaper wrote it five years ago, now the Georgian government circles are unofficially repeating the thesis that the real Putin is dead or sick, and has been replaced. Proof? For some time now he hasn’t flaunted … Read more

Russia suddenly decides to evacuate all its citizens from Afghanistan, a bad sign?

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks in Moscow. Russia finally decided to evacuate all its citizens from Afghanistan. Four Russian military aircraft evacuated Russian citizens and other nationals from Kabul on Wednesday (25/08/2021) on the orders of President Vladimir Putin (Source: The Straits Times) MOSCOW, KOMPAS.TV – Russia finally decided to evacuate all its citizens from … Read more

Withdrawal of US Troops Poses Problems for Russia

loading… MOSCOW – President Russia Vladimir Putin criticize United States of America (USA) and its allies for leaving Afghanistan . Putin said the withdrawal could create problems for Russia and its allies. “There is a danger that terrorists and different groups that find refuge in Afghanistan will use the chaos left by our Western counterparts … Read more

US evacuates 16,000 a day until Putin is nervous

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A number of interesting information enliven the international news Monday (23/8). The news included the US Evacuation of 16,000 people from Afghanistan for a day, President of Russia Vladimir Putin anxious about plans for western countries to evacuate, so there is also the question of Afghan refugees planning to hold a … Read more

Putin Angry, Threatens Sudden Attack!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Russia heated up with the West. In fact, President Vladímir Putin said the country’s military is ready to attack the enemy at any time if necessary. In an interview with local television at Moscow’s World Trade Center on Sunday (25/7/2021), Putin said the Russian Navy could easily detect an opponent. Including, … Read more