Let’s get to know “Thad Dao Nukjaeng”, a female volleyball hand slapper, nicknamed “The Wall of Thailand”.

Open the warp”Thatdao Nukchaeng“ Thailand women’s volleyball team position fast ball or Middle Blocker Ready to update the latest injury after helping the Thai women’s national volleyball team “Volleyball Nations League 2022“Nations League”VNL2022At Ankara Sports Hall, Ankara, Turkey by “Thatdao Nukchaeng” or “Nan“down to help Thai national team in the competition”Volleyball Nations League 2022“In the … Read more

Watch live “women’s volleyball” Thai national team wins South Korea in the Nations League 2022 battle

watch live Wed 29 Jun. “Women’s Volleyball” Thai national team have a competitive program Volleyball Nations League 2022 VNL2022 in bulgaria Week 3, field 3 by Thai national team Doing work in the first field or week 1, compete in Turkey Performance at that time, the Thai national team won 3, lost 1, the second … Read more