Queues in front of the Russian embassy in Ethiopia. Hundreds of volunteers volunteered to fight against Ukraine

On Tuesday, Reuters reporters saw several hundred men signing up at the embassy with Ethiopian guards. The guards wrote down their names and asked for proof of military service. However, there is no evidence that any Ethiopian was sent to the war in Ukraine, and it is not known whether he will ever be sent, … Read more

I volunteered in the “African Nations” 2019 .. the story of “Maryam”, translated, a match conference

02:13 PM Saturday 26 March 2022 I wrote – Doaa Al-Foli: During the match between Egypt and Senegal, Maryam Abdel Hakim was in the media booth, encouraging the national team, jumping with joy when a goal was shot into the opponent’s net and terrified if the ball approached the Egyptian team’s goal, while the situation … Read more