Drifting in Interstellar Space, Voyager 1 Sends Strange Signals to Earth

Voyager 1 is the furthest artificial object in space. EPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — The American Space Agency (NASA) launched a space probe Voyager 1 into orbit on September 5, 1977. The craft is still ‘humming’ to this day or for more than 45 years later. This spacecraft greatly surprised astronomers around the world, because it has … Read more

Uranus Top Priority List for NASA’s Next Major Mission

Uranus’ mission will be the first since Voyager 2 whizzed by an icy object in 1986. The expedition could reveal how the planet, its rings, and moons formed and evolved over billions of years. “This mission will be truly transformative,” said Amy Simon, planetary scientist at the Goddard Space Flight Center NASA in Greenbelt, Maryland, … Read more

November 12, 1980: Saturn’s Rings Successfully Captured in Pictures

Voyager has sent back data that led to several groundbreaking discoveries, including the 15th moon and scans Titan, month Saturn biggest. This is the only month in Solar system which is large enough to hold the atmosphere, mainly because it is larger than the planet Mercury. Scientists say Titan bears a close chemical resemblance to … Read more