This is how the Grand Final of La Voz was lived

The third season of The voice from Spain came to an end on a night plagued by nervousness and strong emotions. There were 60 participants who started this path, but only four of them reached the Grand finale and finally, Ines Manzano was established as the great winner of the contest. The last most-watched reality … Read more

Nerves and emotion were experienced in the Grand Final of La Voz with Inés Manzano as the winner

Ines Manzano was the most voted by the public during the Grand finale from The voice from Spain and got the precious prize. The 20-year-old girl came to live in Madrid with her family and throughout her life she has fought against bullying. It was in music that she found happiness. Moments of many nerves … Read more

Cuban Carlos Ángel Valdés is in the grand finale of La Voz España

The Cuban guy Carlos Angel Valdes is just one step away from becoming The Voice Spain after having secured a place in the final of the contest during the last episode of the talent show, which aired last Saturday on the Antena 3 network. With his spectacular voice and brilliant talent, Carlos Ángel performed the … Read more

Eva Ayllón and her pupils from ‘La Voz Perú’ starred in an emotional nndc concert | PEOPLE

The Creole singer, Eva Ayllón takes seriously her role as couch in the singing reality shows that she participates, this is how she demonstrated it during her last concert in 2021 by sharing the stage with her pupils of the television contests’ La Voz Kids’, ‘La Voy Perú ‘and’ La Voz Senior ‘. “Tonight I … Read more

On Saturday, live, the Final Phase of ‘La Voz’ begins

Nerves, excitement, surprises and great performances. On Saturday, live, the Final Phase of ‘La Voz’ begins in which anything can happen. Alejandro Sanz, Malú, Pablo Alborán and Luis Fonsi already have their full teams in front of the Direct of ‘La Voz’. In the next program, their teams of four talents each will be cut … Read more

Crying night and a lot of emotion in La Voz

This Saturday the night of the Final Assault was experienced in The voice from Spain and the 12 participants left everything on stage, but only 8 were selected to go to the live shows and the farewell was very painful for everyone since both the talents and their couches have managed to create beautiful friendship … Read more

La Voz Kids: Cristian Rivero and Gianella Neyra tell what it’s like to work together

On “The voice Kids“, Cristian Rivero and Gianella Neyra they met again on a television set after working together on “Lalola”, a comic soap opera that aired in 2007. This time, the couple is involved in driving and, without a doubt, it is an occasion to share experiences. “I think for us it is crazy, … Read more

‘La Voz Kids’: Participant gets nervous and asks for his Baby Yoda toy to sing

An emotional moment was lived in the recent edition of “The voice Kids”When the little Ezio, 10 years old, fell victim to the nerves when going on the stage of the program. To be able to present himself with the theme “The best of all”, by Josimar, the young participant needed his toy of Baby … Read more

‘La Voz Kids’: Eva Ayllón and Christian Yaipén teach Daniela Darcourt about vocal technique

In the latest edition of “The voice Kids” there was a tense moment between Daniela Darcourt, Eva Ayllón and Christian Yaipén after the salsa team made up of Flavia Pajuelo, Mía Belén and Fiorella Caballero interpreted “Who are you”, by Yuri. However, the Creole artist did not think that they had done well since each … Read more

Rating: The grand finale of Reinas del Show, La Teletón, JB en ATV and La Voz Kids: Which program led the tune on Saturday, November 6? | Farándula | SHOWS

THE RATING ARRIVED. This Saturday, November 6, the grand finale of the second season of Reinas del Show was experienced, in addition to the telethon broadcast, a new edition of JB on ATV and a new chapter in the Latin singing reality show, La Voz Kids. SIGHT: Paolo Guerrero and Alondra García Miró visit exclusive … Read more