Aruba patches security leaks in switches

February 25, 2022 – Security vulnerabilities have been found in various switch models from the HPE subsidiary Aruba, which allow the devices to be taken over. Aruba recommends applying the firmware updates that have now been released immediately. The HPE subsidiary Aruba warns of several security leaks in the firmware of the in-house switches Message … Read more

Vulnerabilities in Foxit PDF Software

January 31, 2022 – With manipulated PDF files, it is possible for attackers to execute malicious code via Foxit PDF Reader and Editor with versions earlier than 11.2.1 for Windows users and 11.1.1 for macOS users. Corresponding security updates are now available. Vulnerabilities have been discovered in Foxit PDF Reader and Editor Windows versions prior … Read more

MacOS leak allowed access to camera and microphone

January 13, 2022 – A vulnerability allowed the manipulation of privacy settings on MacOS systems. With MacOS update 12.1, Apple has patched this and other leaks. Microsoft has announced the macOS vulnerability CVE-2021-30970 informed, which has already been fixed in the latest macOS Monterey update 12.1 of December 13, 2021. The vulnerability is found in … Read more