45.5 billion euros for Dax investors

Billion dividends The insurer Allianz pays out the most to investors with an estimated 4.2 billion euros. (Photo: IMAGO) Düsseldorf The corona slump is followed by the boom: Germany’s 40 largest listed corporations will earn more than twice as much as in the previous year with a net profit of almost 120 billion euros. The … Read more

Franconian auto supplier Bolta-Werke insolvent – 1,000 employees affected

Bad news for the employees of the Bolta works: The auto supplier, which among other things produces radiator grilles for Audi, had to file for bankruptcy. The reason lies in the semiconductor crisis. The Franconian Automotive supplier Bolta works that about Audi or Mercedes supplied with trim strips or radiator grilles insolvency Registered. The reason … Read more

VW shows self-driving Bulli prototype ID.Buzz

Just in time for the IAA auto show, VW presents its autonomous Bulli prototype. The first tests are already underway – because from 2025 the model will be used as a robot taxi, among other things. Before the start of the fully electric VW ID.Buzz bus in the coming year, Volkswagen has to IAA an … Read more

VW: The chip problem isn’t getting better, quite the contrary! – Magazine – Car

The number of cars that VW has not yet produced this year due to the chip crisis represents a “higher six-digit number”. Analysts estimate that up to five million cars will not be produced globally because of it. Photo: TASR/AP The VW Group did not produce hundreds of thousands of cars this year due to … Read more

The new VW Taigo expands the SUV range from VW – Motor

After the T-Roc, VW is now launching the Taigo, another SUV coupé. The new VW Taigo is the European version of the Brazilian VW Nivus. It is on the MQB platform, like the Polo and T-Cross. With a length of 426 cm, it should offer plenty of space for passengers and luggage despite its coupé … Read more

VW Taigo: The first SUV coupe has Brazilian roots – News – Auto

Volkswagen is expanding its European crossover range with its first SUV coupe. The basis is the Brazilian model Nivus. However, the old continent version has undergone a number of changes. It has more modern infotainment, matrix LED lights, new assistance systems and more powerful motors. It will be produced in Spain. Photo: Volkswagen VW Taigo … Read more

These products are now becoming more expensive for consumers

The industry is struggling with rising prices: Consumers should now feel that too. From wood to car tires to crown corks. t-online shows in which industries it will be more expensive – and why. Industrial pre-products such as wood, steel or plastic are scarce – this puts industry and craft under pressure. According to experts, … Read more

So this is hard. In the Netherlands, VW will pay compensation of € 3,000 for a car – Magazine – Car

Dieselgate is still not over. In the Netherlands, the group will pay the owners 3,000 euros in compensation. The decision also applies to Audi, SEAT and Škoda. Those who bought a used car will get half. Photo: SITA/AP, Nick Ut Volkswagen, emissions, testing Compensation will have to be paid in the Netherlands not only by … Read more

German carmakers were fined a billion. Secretly hampered development! – Magazine – Car

This is the very first “mega – fine”, which was not awarded for a price cartel, but for deliberately hampering technological development. It was given to Daimler, BMW and the Volkswagen Group. Daimler does not have to pay because he revealed the agreement. Photo: KBA VW, Daimler and BMW are said to have reached a … Read more

Record-breaking Lamborghini: 10 months of 2021 production capacity sold in June

The Sant’Agata Bolognese company has regained altitude after the blockade of the Covid-19 pandemic: record numbers for Lamborghini It was easily foreseeable that in the first months after the Great Fear (or at least with the feeling of being on the right track), premium brands, in every sector, would regain their share: this is happening … Read more