Wagons with the bodies of Russian soldiers still standing in Ukraine – why does Russia not want to accept them?

Al Jazeera English reports on YouTube. “The real damage of this war for Russia is the bags with unremoved bodies stacked in refrigerated trains,” the report said. It is noted that in one bag carrying the body of an elite Russian military, jewelry was found – stolen from Ukrainian civilians in the Kiev area. “Ukraine … Read more

Novatek warns against a fire in LPG wagons. There are 500 of them in Poland

A subsidiary of the Russian gas giant Novatek – Novatek Green Energy has published a statement regarding the lack of gas supplies to 10 municipalities in Poland. According to the company, the lack of gas was solely due to a decision of our government. The company warns of a possible LPG-related disaster. A very real … Read more

Voženílka was not surprised by the success of Motor. Who will support the final?

The 26-year-old attacker headed for the Prague team just before Christmas, but at the end of January he was already traveling back to southern Bohemia. He managed only eight matches for Sparta. “But I have a lot of friends there, and she’s been waiting for the title for fifteen years. However, Třinec is extremely strong. … Read more

Shock: Mercedes-Benz is said to end production of all station wagons – Magazine – Auto

Unimaginable today, especially for Europeans, is set to become a reality in the near future. Mercedes-Benz is not supposed to plan station wagons from the new models. Photo: Mercedes Benz Mercedes-Benz E Combi – 2016 The E-Class is to remain the only station wagon in Mercedes-Benz’s offer. However, its fate is also sealed. In Europe, … Read more

Volvo will stick to sedans and station wagons, even if SUVs sell better

The Swedish carmaker Volvo is not going to leave the classic sedans and station wagons yet. The current S and V models will receive new generations. Håkan Samuelsson, CEO of Autocar, told British magazine. “Yes, they will be replaced by something that will be even more attractive to customers. We need lower cars with conventional … Read more

Trains canceled, wagons overloaded: at the height of the epidemic, is this reduction in SNCB’s supply “unconscious”?

Faced with cases of illness and quarantine among staff, SNCB is limiting its offer … And that gives rise to risky situations. Since Monday, SNCB has decided to reduce its train offer due to an upsurge in Covid-19 among its employees (see details). While all the indicators of the epidemic are on the rise, these … Read more

Video: In Sweden, 38 wagons of a red freight train derailed

The cause of the derailment is under investigation, the DPA agency reported, citing a statement from the mining company LKAB. LKAB spokesman Anders Lindberg told SVT public service radio that the 8,000-tonne train had 68 wagons, of which 38 derailed. An accident in which no one was injured can have far-reaching consequences for train operations … Read more

Can station wagons disappear from the roads?

The market for station wagons is no longer stable, and it would be risky to invest in uncertain model variants in the midst of switching to electric cars, especially as electric upgrades are currently terribly costly in themselves – writes a Totalcar Markus Schäfer, a Mercedes quoted an interview with Autocar as its chief operating … Read more