A British cat bites and wakes up its owner, thus saving the life of his spouse

51-year-old Liverpool resident Amanda Jameson passed out overnight after passing out with very low blood sugar. Sensing something amiss, Willow the cat started biting her legs and jumping on Amanda’s husband Ray Sherwood, who was dozing off in front of the TV. The cat woke him up and showed him the way to the bedroom, … Read more

When Saskia wakes up at night she drives to Paris on her motorcycle to eat a croissant | inland

She delivers packages, occasionally trims a dog’s hair in her own salon, wrote a book and, as a grandmother, looks after her granddaughters when she is at home. But most of the time Saskia Jansen spends on her motorcycle. “I’m always in a hurry.” Annemiek Brandriet 12-04-23, 18:15 Latest update: 12-04-23, 20:57 Free unlimited access … Read more

Lebanon wakes up divided into two times… “Christian and Muslim”!

From Lebanon (AFP) special Beirut – Johnny Fakhry Published in: March 27, 2023: 07:20 AM GST Last updated: March 27, 2023: 08:42 AM GST Lebanon officially woke up, Monday, which is the first working day of the week at two different times (winter and summer time), amid division and alignment that took on a “sectarian” … Read more

Europe sleeps on the sos landing and NATO wakes up. “Ready for the Immigration Challenge”

Europe is not there and NATO is ready to take its place. It has already happened in Ukraine. It is happening again on the front of the Mediterranean and of migrants. While the European Council is slamming its doors in Giorgia Meloni’s face, who asked to dedicate a part of today’s and tomorrow’s meeting to … Read more

Dormant virus in people with HIV wakes up with medicine against parasites

HIV hides in immune cells and remains there in a dormant state A commonly used anti-parasitic drug awakens the virus from a dormant state in people with HIV. Scientists at Erasmus MC discovered this in the first study in which this drug was tested in people living with HIV. “The road to recovery is still … Read more

he wakes up his wife and their child, they leave the house, their whole roof was already on fire!

On the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, around midnight, the firefighters of Marcinelle under the orders of Lieutenant Housse, Warrant Officer André and Sergeant Baudoux, intervened rue des Chanterelles in Goutroux. Read also Anaïs loses everything in the fire of her house in Couillet: “Everything was almost renovated, only the roof, the terrace and the … Read more

The rain of Oscars that fell on “Everywhere at once” wakes up …

The heroine of the film, Evelyn Wang discovers that the universe consists of an infinite number of parallel realities, each of which is different. The emergence of evil forces forces her to fight to save her world. The visually impressive story of an immigrant struggling with the hardships of family life, including an unruly lesbian … Read more

A dad smells a burning smell in his house in Goutroux last night: he wakes up his whole family, who were able to get out in time

A fire took place in Goutroux in a house, around midnight last night. A father noticed a problem with his circuit breaker. When the man went upstairs, he smelled something burning, and immediately woke up his wife, who rushed out with their child and the family dog. When the whole family came out, the roof … Read more