Al-Khalifa publishes a picture of “Walid Al-Faraj” .. and sends a message to the Minister of Information! • Sports Observatory

Sports Observatory: Sports journalist Tawfiq Al-Khalifa published a picture of his colleague Walid Al-Faraj. Al-Khalifa wrote through his official account on Twitter: “Who is upsetting Walid Al-Faraj from the direction of victory to the official and judicial channels?? The truth is that what Al-Faraj is doing against millions of fans and their provocation has gone … Read more

Walid Al-Faraj surprises Al-Ahly fans: reduce the heat

The media, Walid Al-Faraj, shocked Al-Ahly fans, after the team was close to returning to the professional league. Al-Ahly club leads the Yellow League ranking table for first-class clubs, with 59 points, and is close to a large percentage of returning to the professional league, in light of the rise of four clubs for the … Read more

Morocco: Walid Regragui dreams of coaching a major European club

Voted best Arab coach of the year 2022 last Sunday by the channel Sky News Arabia after his magnificent World Cup with the selection of Morocco, Walid Regragui is thinking big. For his future career, the Moroccan technician dreams of coaching a big European club and did not hesitate to say so openly. “I have … Read more

When Minister Walid Fayyad talks in Berlin about ‘feminism’ and ‘clean energy’

Judy Al-Asmar * – Berlin With the highest degree of decency required by the press discourse, it can be said that Dr. Walid Fayyad, Minister of Energy and Electricity in the Lebanese caretaker government, during his participation in a discussion on “feminist policies and the seventh sustainable development goal” in the “energy transition dialogue in … Read more

Fada Oum Walid.. A Ramadan program for the mysterious cook in Algeria

From the Umm Walid Space Program RAMADAN month The famous chef continues to hide her face and hosts well-known personalities in art and social media influencers Al – Algeria Published in: Mar 25, 2023: 05:21 PM GST Last updated: Mar 25, 2023: 07:38 PM GST The “mysterious cook” in Algeria, as it is called, … Read more

The latest appearance of Miss Universe Georgina Rizk, accompanied by her husband, Walid Tawfik

The latest appearance of former Miss Universe Georgina Rizk, accompanied by her husband, the Lebanese artist Walid Tawfiq, caught the attention of the public. Tawfiq commented on the photo: “Every year, you are the mother, the wife, and the beloved. On the other hand, the song “September” by Walid Tawfiq approached half a million views … Read more

how Walid Cheddira made his choice

Like the Moroccan player, many dual nationals opted for Morocco in a spontaneous momentum. “I thought about representing the Italian national team initially, but as soon as coach Walid Regragui’s invitation came up, I didn’t hesitate and accepted it,” Cheddira said in an interview granted to the Italian site Fanpage. To read: Reaction of Walid … Read more

Walid Seif’s “Alienation” when it moves from drama to novel

It is common in the cultural world for a writer or other person who specializes in writing drama or film script to turn his fictional work into a novel film A cinematic, television drama, or theatrical work depends on the dialogue, description of the scenes, and the instructions that he writes for the director to … Read more

‘Horrific human smuggler Walid raped every pretty girl he saw’ | Interior

Zwolle court caseFor years only the ‘little fish’ appeared in court, now an alleged leader of a notorious, international human smuggling gang is in court in Zwolle. Under the leadership of the Eritrean Walid, thousands of people are said to have been smuggled from Africa to Europe on boats. Along the way they were blackmailed, … Read more