Water contaminated by a pesticide: why doesn’t Wallonia ban its consumption, like France?

The cultivation of beets, familiar to Walloons and northern French people, does not only have implications for the landscape, tap water is also concerned. This November 24, in four municipalities of Aisne (Hauts-de-France)… Take advantage of our current offer and access to all our articles in unlimited

“We may find it easier to find them a new home”: in Wallonia, it would soon be the end of animal factories

This is a major advance that has been adopted by Wallonia in terms of animal welfare. A new decree will include rules to be respected so that the breeding of dogs and cats takes place with respect and the well-being of these animals. The importation of puppies and kittens for resale will soon be prohibited. … Read more

“There are more French and Poles working in Flanders than Walloons in Hainaut”: an N-VA MP tackles Wallonia and its unemployment rate

Over one year, the number of unemployed job seekers increased by 3.6% in Wallonia, by 0.5% in Brussels and fell by 0.5% in Flanders. The south of the country is “swimming” in unemployment while Flanders is gaining employment. According to the N-VA, the problem comes from unemployment benefits and the CPAS deemed too high compared … Read more

“It’s absurd”: Nathan buys a car that will be banned in Brussels in 2030… but from 2026 in Wallonia

“Why are the measurements not the same?” asks Nathan. This 23-year-old Carolo wonders about the bans on polluting vehicles in Wallonia and Brussels. The calendars are not identical in the two Regions. “I do not understand really not why do the measures are not not them same throughout Belgium.“ Nathan, 23 ansdo reference the gradual … Read more

Real estate: Wallonia doubles the tax allowance on the first acquisition

Among these, the doubling of the allowance granted during the first acquisition – from 20,000 to 40,000 euros for goods up to 350,000 euros – should make it possible to facilitate access to property. The measure should materialize in the summer of 2023. Since 2018, in registration fees, first-time buyers benefit from an allowance amounting … Read more

For Wallonia, the electroshock of the risk of bankruptcy

The ring (peripheral) of Charleroi in Wallonia (Belgium), September 7, 2022. JEAN-MARC QUINET / BELPRESS/MAXPPP There are images that hurt, like that of this West Ring, the ring road that takes thousands of Walloon employees to Brussels every day: the road is bumpy until it reaches the territory of the Flemish region, then becomes impeccably … Read more

Deep geothermal energy, a new energy Eldorado for Wallonia?

While soaring gas and electricity prices demonstrate the urgency of building European energy sovereignty and the need to diversify sources of supply, an alternative could benefit from the current context and develop in Wallonia: deep geothermal energy, in other words the exploitation of underground water heated naturally by the Earth. A source of energy that … Read more

New meeting in the Parliament of Wallonia on the cost of the works

The extended bureau of the Parliament of Wallonia is meeting this Monday, November 7. It will once again examine the staff situation after the temporary suspension of the clerk of the institution. But, essentially, this office will again look at the huge budget overruns caused by its extension works. Audit Initially, the extension work, intended … Read more

The indexation of rents limited in Wallonia: here is what changes this November 1

The indexation of rents will be limited in the Walloon Region from 1 November, depending on the PEB certificate for the accommodation. The system will be applied for a period of one year, possibly renewable. It is a response to inflation and the energy crisis. Buildings with a PEB A, B and C certificate will … Read more