Walloon Brabant seen from the sky: the Sainte-Gertrude collegiate church, one of the largest Romanesque churches in the world

Also visible, in the foreground on this view from the sky, the courthouse of Nivelles. In the background, on the left, the Récollets church adjoins the convent founded by the Franciscans in Nivelles in the 13th century. Further on, in the centre, you can make out the Parc de la Dodaine, where pestilential marshes stretched … Read more

The inevitable merger of Walloon municipalities

Small revolution in the heart of the Ardennes: the Walloon Parliament definitively validated the merger between Bertogne and Bastogne on Wednesday. The two bordering municipalities of the province of Luxembourg will now form only one in December 2024. A first in Wallonia since 1977! The scope of this decision, which marks the culmination of a … Read more

More and more Walloon cemeteries are opting for revegetation: here is what this new trend consists of

With successive bans on the use of pesticides, the managers of Walloon cemeteries are turning to a new method to maintain the last resting place of our ancestors: revegetation, which consists of replacing gravel paths with more natural paths. “The goal here is to remove all the rolling gravel then we pass with a machine … Read more

Walloon Brabant seen from the sky: dynamited during the war, felled by vandals, the Tree of Justice remains a symbol of Court-Saint-Étienne

Some believe that the Tree of Justice was an ancient pillory although this could not be established with certainty. The Tree of Justice is included on the coat of arms of the municipality of Court-Saint-Étienne. He recalls that Sir Antoine de Terremonde had the right to high justice, that is to say the right to … Read more

The Walloon lodgings are in lack of customers… Walloons: “We find ourselves with a majority of Dutch speakers”

After a busy Flemish holiday period, gites were expecting a similar trend for the Walloon holidays. “At first, I was happy. I was thinking that we would have twice a fortnight of full reservations, well, unfortunately not“, regrets Joëlle, an owner of a gîte. “During the Easter holidays with Dutch speakers it was 100% full … Read more

“We are throwing 3.4 million euros out the window”: new controversy in the Walloon Region, rent at €140,000 per month for an empty building

Adrien Dolimont (MR), Walloon Budget and Finance Minister © Belga Image After the controversial expenses of the parliament, the controversies continue to affect the Walloon Region. And this time, it is the government that is being singled out. Indeed, according to information from RTL infothe Region pays rent of 140,000 euros per month for… an … Read more

“It’s literally raining in my mailbox”: a Walloon family is flashed 70 times in one month

A family from Hannut realized after a month the presence of a new speed camera on a frequently used road. How ? By receiving a myriad of minutes. “It’s literally raining in my mailbox,” lamented Anne in the columns of Sudinfo. “This Wednesday morning, I received another… 20! “, she said Thursday. Letters started arriving … Read more

Modified holiday calendar: the shift stimulates holidays abroad, but the Walloon sector does not want to draw hasty conclusions

On the eve of spring vacation for the students of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation – and therefore on the eve of holidays for some of their parents – the tourism sector hopes to attract many travellers. A special feature this year is that the holidays are spread over more weeks: around Easter for the Flemings and … Read more