The death of the brother of the artist Ahmed Badir

obituary Artist Ahmed BadirHis brother, Muhammad Badir, who died today, Sunday, through his personal page on the social networking site Facebook. He wrote, “We belong to God and to Him we shall return. Move to God’s mercy, my brother and my beloved Muhammad Badir, and there is no power or strength except with God. Oh … Read more

USA, Prison | Had an alibi for the triple murder – acquitted after over 40 years behind the walls

A judge in the state of Missouri in the USA has ordered the immediate release of a man who has spent 43 years in prison for a triple murder he did not commit. Kevin Strickland (62) is dark-skinned and was convicted by a white panel of judges in 1979 for three murders in the city … Read more

The dispute over migrants: the outer walls of the Union divide the community internally

EU diplomats are not even able to determine what exactly is at stake Should the Union finance border barriers? Are the barriers effective in controlling Europe’s borders? Is Europe to present itself as an open or closed continent? Building walls that their opponents denounce as “Fortress Europe” – a term used by the Nazis – … Read more

Bayern Munich: culture is on the walls – Record more

October 31, 2021 – 10:33 The club’s culture is granitic and the winds of modernization do not tear the emblem from its essence or roots Tradition, responsibility, respect, familiarity, trust, innovation, financial responsibility, collaboration and joy. These are Bayern’s principles, in that order. “At… To read ALL RECORD PREMIUM ARTICLES during the day 02.11.2021 enter … Read more

The rally of Saakashvili supporters at the walls of Rustavis Prison passed without incident

According to various sources, the rally was attended by 300 to 500 people. In the background of a very large poster depicting Saakashvili, a tribune was erected, powerful speakers were installed, and protesters demanded that Saakashvili be released. “Mikheil Saakashvili must be released. The country needs it because it is he who revived Sakartvel, “Nikanor … Read more

the block will not allocate funds for “sharp wire and walls” at the border

She said at a European Union summit in Brussels that she had told bloc leaders that there was a long-standing position “that sharp wire and borders would not be funded” at the border. “Border control is funded by the European budget. It concerns not only the equipment, staff and necessary electronic equipment, but also the … Read more

Marijus Adomaitis-Ten Walls unexpectedly married the chosen one

A couple of weeks ago, late Friday night, a man on Facebook shared a short message. “My Fiancé,” he wrote. The recording was accompanied by a short video showing Mary and her fiancée, with an engagement ring on her hand. Congratulations followed the record. Soon the name of a famous man was noticed on the … Read more

Inflatable walls for bars and restaurants –

The pandemic situation has created many difficulties for bars and restaurants by drastically reducing the use of their interior spaces. With these premises the FLY IN company of Bene Vagienna has developed a new line of inflatable walls for outdoor areas that allowed these activities to optimize their outdoor spaces especially in autumn and winter. … Read more

Tesla boasted a new image of the Berlin factory. There will be giant graffiti on the walls

With the imminent completion of the Tesla Gigafactory factory in Berlin, the final appearance of this magnificent project is also beginning to be revealed. In the new render, we can also notice the placement of giant graffiti or rather mural art on the walls of the factory. This is what the new Tesla factory near … Read more