A price distortion makes Latam Airlines worth more than Meta or Walmart

Latam Airlines, the Santiago-based airline that emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this week, has a larger market capitalization than Walmart Inc. or Meta Platforms Inc.. After a rights issue and sale of convertible bonds as part of its reorganization, as of November 9, Latam had about 590 billion shares outstanding, according to a communiqué … Read more

The ad that woke up customers at Sam’s Club, Walmart and Bodega Aurrerá

Written in MONEY the 9/11/2022 · 07:17 hs The best season to buy is getting closer, and in addition to the Good End 2022 that will take place from Friday, November 18 to Monday, November 21, stores such as Sam’s Club, Walmart y Aurrera Winery they will have their own “event” with promotions and discounts: … Read more

The two restructurings of Walmart Chile: it reorganizes its operations and decreases capital

There have been two processes. One that left more than a decade ago, and another about five years ago. One affected the company level and the other impacted downstream, in the operation. One that had a pause and that was speeded up with the pandemic. And another who advanced step by step. One that concluded … Read more

Walmart Reveals Huge New Store Additions That Will Dramatically Improve Customer Orders – Liku

Walmart has launched a new system for consumers that will improve orders by introducing modular storage units that can be added to stores. Walmart customers can now expect faster delivery times after online purchases, as Marketplace fulfillment centers will use automated robots to retrieve order items rather than having employees walk around the warehouse, according … Read more

Announce change of command in SuperMax

the supermarket chain SuperMax announced that as of September 12, the current president, José Revuelta, leaves office and will be replaced by executive Jorge Hernández. After making a career at Walmart Puerto Rico, Hernández took refuge, and now returns to the working world to be in charge of one of the chains that competes with … Read more

American threatens to crash stolen plane at Walmart

AP NOS News•Saturday, 20:30 A man in the US state of Mississippi flew for hours in a stolen plane over the city of Tupelo today. He threatened to crash the plane into a branch of supermarket chain Walmart. The man is an employee of a local aviation maintenance company. He probably stole a small business … Read more

The Russians are offered super-capacious 30 TB portable SSDs at a penny price. What’s the catch?

<!– Эльяс Касми –> 29 August 2022 16:1329 Aug 2022 16:13 | Share AliExpress, a popular online store in Russia, and Walmart sell pocket SSDs for an incredible 30 TB for less than 2400 rubles. Declared not only space capacity, but also the highest speed. In fact, this is a Chinese copy of the Samsung … Read more

Walmart reports revenue jump, partly due to inflation | Business

The retail giant, which three weeks ago cut its full-year profit forecast due to changing consumer behavior, said high inflation was prompting shoppers faced with higher prices for gasoline, food and other staples to cut back on higher-margin goods such as clothing, electronics and home goods. trade goods. Revenue in the second fiscal quarter, which … Read more