Blizzard Previews Dragonflight’s Eight Dungeons – World of Warcraft

In an article published just now, Blizzard gives an overview of the dungeons of Dragonflight. What challenges will you encounter in the Dragon Islands in a few months? Answer below! Take on new challenges and go on an adventure on the Dragon Islands with four new dungeons that will allow you to gain experience, and … Read more

Hotfixes of the Day: Survival Hunters, Destruction Warlock, and Mythic+ – World of Warcraft

A new salvo of patches was deployed last night on WoW. This applies to Survival Hunters, Destruction Warlocks, Mythic+ dungeons and the Great Vault. Find the details below. August 8, 2022 Classes Hunter Survival [Avec le redémarrage] 4P Bonus: Mad Bomber damage bonus reduced to 50% (was 70%). [Avec le redémarrage] Mongoose Bite damage increased … Read more

He spends six years remastering a Warcraft game that never saw the light of day

Image: Blizzard / DerSilver83 / Kotaku Years ago, a Warcraft point-and-click adventure game that had been developed by Blizzard in the late 1990s and was never officially released was leaked online. Although the game been able to play ever since, its cinematics were of poor quality, the audio and video were out of sync, and … Read more

WoW game sawn off by Blizzard: World of Warcraft fans get nothing

Development of a new World of Warcraft game has been canceled. (Image source: Blizzard) A new game in the World of Warcraft universe was worked on for three years. However, fans will never see it. According to an insider report, development was halted after a dispute between Blizzard and the developer. But is that really … Read more

Blizzard Stamps Out Secret World of Warcraft Mobile Game

Activision Blizzard and its Chinese partner NetEase have stopped development on a previously unknown World of Warcraft mobile game after three years. According to a report by Bloomberg, the reason for this was disagreements over financial issues. A previously unannounced World of Warcraft mobile spinoff codenamed Neptun will likely never see the light of day. … Read more

Dragonflight Alpha: Lardeur will indeed have a unique model – World of Warcraft

With Dragonflight, the Gnolls receive a new model, being present in a significant way in the Dragon Islands. This revamp concerns all members of this race, and in particular Lardeur. Like its congeners, it had thus been modified at the start of the closed Alpha of the extension. Good news, with the build deployed tonight, … Read more

World of Warcraft Mobile and Warcraft GO canceled. Blizzard removes projects that have been developed over the years

achievementsHandler#handleClickOnArticle”> Blizzard and NetEase will no longer collaborate on mobile World of Warcraft. Corporations did not agree on financing, which could have a very negative impact on subsequent plans to transfer Blizzard’s huge IPs to smartphones and tablets. Zheping Huang and Jason Schreier presented an interesting news in the pages of Bloomberg – World of … Read more

Hints of a time jump between Shadowlands and Dragonflight – World of Warcraft

In recent days, Portergauge has noted the existence of discussions devilishly interesting on Dragonflight. These refer to events that took place between Shadowlands and Dragonflight. From what we can learn, several years would have elapsed between the death of the Jailer and your departure for the Dragon Islands, with all that this may generate of … Read more

The Frost Mage is able to One Shot raid bosses – World of Warcraft

While he’s still crying disappearance of his favorite toads, Rextroy returns with a very nice combo signed Sandalf. The latter has indeed discovered that it was possible to accumulate several Cold Gusts, a PvP talent where Frost Nova instantly ends the cooldown of Cone of Cold while increasing its damage by 600% for 6 seconds. … Read more

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic Releases September 27th

Wrath of the Lich King “Wrath of the Lich King”, the third expansion of the “World of Warcraft” classic version,Will be online on September 27th. Although the original Wrath of the Lich King was released nearly 14 years ago in November 2008, and World of Warcraft has had as many as six different expansion updates … Read more