Discounts and sales are expected, warehouses around the world are overflowing with unclaimed goods

Sales miscalculations, the effects of the pandemic and the rapid increase in the number of returned clothing and other goods have led to a situation where many warehouses around the world are overflowing with unclaimed goods. In the conditions of rising prices, many merchants do not know what to do with these goods, but trade … Read more

Gas prices in the EU are therefore a so-called problem. Traders can keep this gas in their warehouses for longer so that they don’t run out, they can re-charge its price

The price of gas v EU dropped dramatically since the end of August, by about 60 percent. At the first listen, it seems like a sweaty sweat. It means that traders with by gas they will have in ad ppad known losses, if they would raw material that the collection has been released now. They … Read more

The ranks of the Russians were reinforced – the Ukrainians destroyed 9 tanks and two warehouses in the south

Ukrainian missile and artillery units carried out more than 350 fire missions on Wednesday, killing 58 occupiers and several dozen pieces of equipment, Ukrainian operational command “South” reports. The Southern Front summary reports nine tanks destroyed, 17 vehicles, four MSTA-S and MSTA-B howitzers, an Acacia self-propelled howitzer, a mortar, a Russian command and staff vehicle, … Read more

Families prefer to buy in warehouses because they do not have enough to go to the supermarket

The search for lower prices forced the families to diversify their purchasing channels, according to a study by Kantar Division. This means that they can buy their products in more than one physical or virtual store if the offer is cheap. According to the study, six out of ten families have up to seven purchase … Read more

Waiting months for a new electric bicycle? Seller Frank (62) and colleagues suddenly find themselves with warehouses full of e-bikes (Dilbeek)

Both Frank Wauters’ depot and retail space are overflowing with bicycles. — © jvi Dilbeek – The lack of bicycles that emerged during the corona peak is now returning like a boomerang in the face of some bicycle dealers. Frank Wauters (62) of Ohmega Bikes in Dilbeek, among others, has a large oversupply. How could … Read more

Warehouses of Belarusian producers are overcrowded – Business News

photo of Vladimir Ivanovs (VŽ). The economy of Belarus feels the impact of sanctions more and more every month. During the seven months of this year, GDP decreased by 5.2%. Despite the fact that the manufacturing industry is reducing production, the volume of production accumulated in warehouses is increasing rapidly. If in January, 53.4% ​​of … Read more

It’s no wonder that tin accumulates in LME warehouses, Indonesian exports are the culprit

BANGKA BELITUNG, — Total export Lead Indonesia period from January to August 2022, reaching 51,174.81 metric tons. China and Singapore are the two largest buyer or destination countries export Lead Indonesia. Total export Lead Indonesia until August has exceeded 70 percent of the target export Lead Indonesia in 2022 by 68,000 metric tons. Ascension … Read more

Industrial heaters – salvation in heating production plants and warehouses

As contradictory announcements about the sufficiency of gas stocks for the whole winter are heard in the public space, entrepreneurs have to think about alternative solutions for heating production plants, warehouses and other commercial areas. In the current conditions, when it is difficult to buy both natural gas and wood pellets, time-tested but modern diesel … Read more

Amazon closes and abandons plans for dozens of warehouses in the United States, determined to downsize its sprawling delivery operation amid slowing sales growthhas abandoned dozens of existing and planned installations in the United States, according to a consulting firm. MWPVL International, which tracks Amazon’s real estate footprint, estimates that the company closed or scrapped plans to open 42 facilities with a total of nearly 25 million … Read more

Autonews once again rented warehouses in the suburbs – Transport on

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