Gerindra: Prabowo Brings British Warship Technology, China Will Shake

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Gerindra Party Daily Chair Sufmi Dasco Ahmad said the Minister of Defense Prabowo Subianto brought home the advanced technology of the Arrowhead type frigate from England. According to Dasco, this technology also responds to the threat of Chinese warships in the North Natuna Sea. “Rest assured Chinese Navy I will tremble to … Read more

Facing Iran, Israel Strengthens Fleet of Warships in the Red Sea

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Israel add warships in the Red Sea to deal with threats Iran which has been increasing in recent times. “We have significantly increased our presence in the Red Sea,” Israel Navy representative Eli Sharvit told Associated Press, Friday (17/9). “We operate there continuously with the main ships, namely missile frigates and … Read more

Chinese Warship Reportedly Approaching Alaska

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — People’s Liberation Army (PLA) warship China reportedly entered international waters near Alaska, on Sunday (12/9) local time. This information was obtained from the reports of websites affiliated with the Ministry of Defense United States of America, but this report was deleted on Monday (13/9). Reportedly, these warships were used for long-sea … Read more

Chinese Warship Fleet Reportedly Sailing Near Alaska, US Action Reply?

loading… WASHINGTON – A site affiliated with the Ministry of Defense United States of America (USA) reported on Sunday that a warship strongest belongs China recently sailed in near international waters Alaska . But the report was deleted for unknown reasons on Monday. The US Department of Defense reported Sunday on the Defense Visual Information … Read more

Tensions with China, Taiwan Assign ‘Aircraft Killer’ Warship

loading… TAIPEI – In the midst of tension with China that keeps on heating up, Taiwan officially commissioned warship domestically made claimant “carrier killer”. Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen oversees direct commissioning the new Tuo Chiang class warship, on Thursday. The deployment of the warship is part of Taipei’s plan to increase its defense capacity amid … Read more

China Advised to Retaliately Send Warships to US Territorial Waters

loading… BEIJING – China recommended to send the warships to territorial waters United States of America (US). It was in retaliation after Washington sent an aircraft carrier and several warships into the South China Sea. The suggestion was delivered The Global Times, media belonging to the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, in an … Read more

China Angers US Navy Warship Crossing Taiwan Strait

loading… BEIJING – Ministry of Defense (Kemhan) China on Saturday (28/8) protested the passage of US Navy warships and Coast Guard vessels through the Taiwan Strait. The waters between China and Taiwan are claimed by China. A statement posted on China’s Ministry of Defense website called the move provocative. According to China’s Ministry of Defense, … Read more

The “Star Warship” in the north of Hangzhou is the main battlefield of the Asian Games e-sports project and is expected to be completed by the end of October_Hangzhou Net

The “Star Warship” in the north of Hangzhou is the main battlefield of the Asian Games e-sports project and is expected to be completed by the end of October. Release time: 2021-08-26 10:54:42 Thu Source: Hangzhou Net Beijingyuan Ecological Park is only separated from Hangzhou Xintiandi by a Shixiang viaduct. Hangzhou Asian Games E-Sports Hall … Read more

Specifications of Vikrant, India’s First Locally Built Aircraft Carrier

The Indian Navy conducts sea trials of the original aircraft carrier, Vikrant on August 4, 2021. The original aircraft carrier (IAC) ‘Vikrant,’ designed by the Indian Navy’s Directorate of Naval Design (DND), was built at Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL) , Public Sector Shipyard under the Ministry of Shipping (MoS). The carrier Vikrant is 262 … Read more

British warships visit the South China Sea, China holds military drills

loading… BEIJING – Liberation Army Navy China (PLAN) held military training from South China Sea (LCS) this week in the middle of a report warship English has entered the disputed territorial waters. Chinese media, Global Times reported, PLAN will close two areas of the South China Sea off the coast of southern China’s Guangdong Province … Read more