China Launches Missiles in South China Sea, Pentagon Reveals 2002 Treaty Page all

WASHINGTON DC, – Ministry of Defense United States of America ( AS) or Pentagon on Thursday (27/8/2020) commented on the launch of ballistic missiles in the Sea China South by China. They say the military test threatens peace and security in the region. The Pentagon confirmed reports that Beijing troops launched four ballistic missiles … Read more

Trump claims that if it weren’t for him, the US was already at war with North Korea

WASHINGTON DC, – Presiden AS Donald Trump claiming, if not for the leadership, they would have been involved now war with North Korea. The President of the Republican Party said it while mentioning his relationship with the Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un. “We could be at war if it was held … Read more

Called Michelle Obama the “Wrong President”, Trump was angry

WASHINGTON DC, – Presiden AS Donald Trump responded angrily, after Michelle Obama calling him “the wrong president for this country”. He responded to Michelle’s statement when providing support for Joe Biden, in the first night of the Democratic presidential nomination. In his remarks, the wife of a former US President Barack Obama it stressed … Read more

If the Covid-19 Vaccine Proves Effective, the US Will Give Free To All Its Citizens

WASHINGTON DC, – If the vaccine Covid-19 proven effective, United States of America ( AS) will ensure it can be given free to all Americans. This was conveyed by the authorities on Thursday (13/8/2020), while stressing there were no shortcuts to ensure its safety. “We have not relaxed at all on the strict regulations … Read more

If TikTok Not Sold to the US in 6 Weeks, Here’s the Threat of Trump Page all

WASHINGTON DC, President United States of America ( AS) Donald Trump threatens TikTok will stop completely in the US, when its operations are not sold to the US in 6 weeks. Trump also said the government “Uncle Sam’s Country” should be able to benefit from the proceeds of the sale. “It must be an … Read more

Trump Wants the US Government to Part of the TikTok Page Purchase all

WASHINGTON DC, – Presiden AS Donald Trump stressed, he wanted the government to get the financial portion of the purchases TikTok by Microsoft. In addition, he also gave a deadline of at least six weeks for an agreement with ByteDance, as the parent company, can be achieved. “(TikTok) must be a US company. It … Read more

Trump gives 45 days for TikTok to be sold to Microsoft Page all

WASHINGTON DC, – Presiden AS Donald Trump reportedly giving Facebook time TikTok sold to Microsoft in the next 45 days. The news was also reinforced by information giant technology based in Redmond, Washington, that they also coordinated with the president. On Saturday (1/8/2020), Reuters reported, ByteDance agreed to divest TikTok operations in the US, … Read more

TikTok Must Be Sold or Blocked Here

WASHINGTON DC, – Minister of Finance AS, Steven Mnuchin stated, TikTok must be sold or the government will not hesitate to block it. Mnuchin’s remarks were the latest warning issued by Washington against video sharing applications originating from China. The video sharing application developed by ByteDance has become popular with young people, with up … Read more

Considered Dead, the Search for 8 Marines in the Amphibian Tank that Drowned was Stopped

WASHINGTON DC, – The US military said they had stopped searching for 8 members The marines which is lost when a amphibious tank drowning, with their status considered was killed. The military personnel reportedly boarded a combat vehicle that sank in deep waters off the southern coast of California during training on Thursday (07/30/2020). … Read more

Threatened to be Blocked by Trump, This is TikTok’s Counter Attack page all

WASHINGTON DC, – TikTok give a counterattack after the President of the United States ( AS), Donald Trump, making a threat will block it. In a message posted on social media, General Manager Vanessa Pappas stated that “they do not plan to leave”. Pappas said TikTok plans in the US for “a long time”, … Read more