Sultan Al-Tarab, George Wassouf, was expelled from Holland for a shocking reason..a famous artist reveals the hidden.!

A famous Arab artist revealed the news of the expulsion of the great artist George Wassouf from the Netherlands, after a move that some considered a provocation to the country because of his party on Eid al-Fitr. According to Abdelkader Manala, George Wassouf’s concert in the Netherlands on May 7th caused a campaign against him … Read more

George Wassouf sings in a funny video while receiving the third dose of the Corona vaccine

In the past hours, George Wassouf underwent the third dose of the Corona virus vaccine, and the Syrian star appeared in a funny video while receiving the vaccine, which also impressed his fans and fellow stars. George Wassouf sings while receiving the Corona vaccine George Wassouf posted on his Twitter account a short video in … Read more

After a musical night in Riyadh… This is what Wassouf and Jassar told Al

The artists George Wassouf and Wael Jassar performed a concert at the Abu Bakr Salem Theater in Riyadh City Boulevard, as part of the 2021 Riyadh season concerts, in the presence of a large audience. The artist, Wael Jassar, began presenting his lyrical link, and presented his most famous songs amid a great interaction from … Read more

A touching talk by George Wassouf after rumors of his death, revealing his health condition and his surprises to the audience.. in the video

George Wassouf worried the public in the last hours after rumors of his death were circulated, before he denied the rumor in more than one way on the communication sites, and appeared in an interview with the “Without encryption” program on Al-Jadeed channel to talk about his health and psychological condition at the present time. … Read more

George Wassouf will reveal the Arab country that always makes him cry and talk about his most precious possessions Arabic – News, Opinions & Radio Sputnik Sputnik The Syrian artist, George Wassouf, sent a message to his fans, after rumors spread about his death in the past few hours. George Wassouf, during his meeting with the “Bla cipher” program on “Al-Jadeed” channel, reassured his fans of his health condition, stressing … Read more

Al-Rayhaneh explains the fact that he was beaten by the sons of George Wassouf

Khabarni – There has been news on social media that a dispute has occurred between singer George Wassouf and the artist’s sons since Rayhana. This is part of the activities of the first concert at Jerash Festival in Jordan. And tweets were circulated by the pioneers of the social networking site Twitter, stating that Munther … Read more