China suddenly relaxes epidemic prevention! Underestimating the cost of co-existence British media warns of detonating infection wave: millions of people may die this winter | International | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

International Center / Reported by Shi Yuyun ▲Mainland China announced the largest loosening policy for epidemic prevention. (Photo/Recap from Xinhuanet) After the white paper revolution broke out in mainland China, the largest-scale anti-epidemic loosening policy was announced on the 7th, including no need for centralized isolation for mildly diagnosed patients, no need to scan QR … Read more

Wave of departures from the Conservative Party of Quebec

At least five members of the national office of the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ) have given way in recent weeks, including its president, Denise Peter. Departures following the internal heartbreaks observed this fall in the formation ofEric Duhaime. In recent days, several names have disappeared from the organization chart of the party office, on … Read more

Neihu homeowners can’t survive the loss of sales or the next wave of killings depends on the key | Anue tycoon-Taiwan real estate market

The housing market transactions are slowing down, but housing prices are still not significantly loosened. According to the National Real Estate Enterprise Research Office’s observation of real-price registration information in Neihu District, Taipei City, it is found that although most of the transactions that have changed hands in the past 3-4 months have ranged from … Read more

US shelters get ready for wave of migrants

PHOTO EFE/ Abraham Pineda-Jacome Shelters on the border of the United States and Mexico are preparing for a possible massive crossing of migrants after the expected end of Title 42 of expedited expulsion of foreigners on December 21 and ask the US government for decent treatment for these asylum seekers. “We anticipate that as soon … Read more

A wave in a river swept away people during a religious ritual in South Africa, 14 dead

“Five more bodies have been discovered, bringing the death toll from nine to 14,” a spokesman for the emergency services said this evening. “Hope that the missing could be found alive is fading,” he added. An eyewitness told the BBC that around 30 worshipers were standing on the bank and rocks in the Jukskei River, … Read more

a second wave of food price hikes expected next year

Companies in the sector have not been spared the consequences of the war in Ukraine in recent months. Soaring energy prices, logistical problems and rising raw material prices have pushed up production costs and therefore, ultimately, prices for consumers. In November, food prices were 15% higher than a year earlier. And Fevia does not see … Read more

The United States is facing the worst wave of bird flu in its history

Since February this year, the H5N1 virus has caused a real disaster in American farms: 52.7 million birds have died. Experts note that even during the summer, when the contagion is lower, it did not lead to the exit from the epidemic, reports Courrier international. The US is going through an unprecedented avian crisis, due … Read more

Wave of RS virus causes “disaster mode” in German pediatric healthcare

German intensive care organization DIVI states that the seasonal peak of the RS epidemic combined with a shortage of specialist nurses has caused a “catastrophic situation” in the country’s hospitals. On Saturday, the child protection organization Deutscher Kinderschutzbund called for extra resources so that hospitals can handle the cases, reports German wave. – Right now, … Read more

Wave of Startup Layoffs: Operational Costs, Investor Funds, to Fulfillment of Employee Rights Page all

JAKARTA, – Towards the end of 2022, the storm of layoffs (PHK) especially among technology companies has not seemed to subside. Throughout the year, there were at least 17 technology companies in Indonesia that streamlined their work teams with bandages of action Mass layoffs. Most recently, the investment platform Ajaib laid off 67 of … Read more

In Japan, the wave of purchases of the most expensive cars is again peaking

The rich are filling the garages of overcrowded neighborhoods early to escape the effects of the impending ban. Interest in the most expensive cars is also supported by the weak Japanese yen. Japanese purchasing power has long managed to finance the most expensive cars on the market, luxury and fast machines are historically bought in … Read more