Iceland, the spectacle of the Fagradalsfjall volcanic fissure: waves of incandescent lava

Tourists also flocked to it because the Fagradalsfjall volcanic fissure is about 32 kilometers from the Icelandic capital Reykjavik and is offering an impressive sight. For many of them it is “surprising” but also “a little scary”. Hundreds of people have gathered at a relatively close distance, for this fault that brings out the lava … Read more

Extreme Heat Waves Will Happen More Often, Is The World Ready? page all Scientists reveal heat wave extremes are expected to occur more frequently, both in potency and duration because climate change. Scientists fear that the world is not ready to deal with the death toll from the heat wave. Quoted from PhysFriday (08/05/2022) Claudia Tebaldi, an earth scientist at the Energy Department’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory … Read more

Xiaomi: engineers develop headband that would allow to control devices with brain waves | inventions | Spain | Mexico | Colombia | TECHNOLOGY

During the third online hackathon of Xiaomi, the MiGu headband was presented, which was developed with the aim that users can control devices with their brain. This device uses three sensors to record electrical signals from the organ. “According to Xiaomi, what stands out most of the MiGu headband is that it can control smart … Read more

Scientists explain the secret of radio waves that reach from space to Earth

A research paper published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society by the researchers describes a series of large, low-frequency objects about 800 million light-years from Earth. From time to time, radio waves from space arrive at Earth, which originates from a distant group of galaxies. Scientists confirm that these sounds do not … Read more

Sister Lang 3 final group list analysis: Sister Riding the Wind and Waves Season 3 group list

The third season of Sister Riding the Wind and Waves is coming to an end, and the group night recording will be held on August 1st. So who is the third group list of Sister Riding the Wind and Waves? Let Xiaobian introduce the list of 3 members of Sister Lang to you, I hope … Read more

Interruption of a reggae concert in Bern continues to make waves –

A concert that took place in Bern a few days ago was interrupted following the discomfort felt by spectators to see white musicians with dreadlocks playing reggae music. For their part, the Young UDC will file a complaint against the establishment for breach of the anti-racist criminal standard. On July 18, the group Lauwarm, whose … Read more

Hubble Telescope Reveals Photo Of Nebula That Looks Like Waves

The LMC is one of the closest galaxies to Earth. This object is visible to the naked eye as a faint cloud in the Southern Hemisphere sky. The photo, taken by Hubble in 2014, captures the glowing, shimmering plume of gas. The turquoise plumes and faint strands of the Tarantula Nebula appear to flood the … Read more

New telescope will search for source of gravitational waves

The new telescope will be the first to search for colliding black holes and neutron stars in an attempt to find the source of gravitational waves. gravitational wavesripples in space-time from the most energetic collisions known UniverseIt was first discovered in 2015 by Gravity Wave Laser Interferometer (LEGO). So far, it has been difficult to … Read more

Gameplay trailer Wuthering Waves leaves little to be desired

There’s no denying that mobile games have a negative stigma attached to them. And for a large part they have themselves to blame. However, as is always the case, there are exceptions. Action-RPG Wuthering Waves could well be such an exception, if we look at the first gameplay trailer. Not only does that show story … Read more