When we used to like girls

When we liked girls, that is, in the ninetiesWhat separated us from them was a very great distance: the word. Now, boys and girls are only separated by the Civil Code, practically. Before, there was a lot of obsession with the word, the lip, what to say. Movies were made on what to say, manuals … Read more

I have a house and a 50% mortgage with my partner, we have gotten angry and I want to sell

I bought a 50% flat with my girlfriend, with a mortgage and solidarity loan for both of them. We have gotten angry and I want to sell the apartment and cancel the loan, but she does not want to. What I can do? In your case we are faced with what is called a proindiviso, … Read more

Bundestag parliamentary group: CSU for new school subject programming and more digital daycare centers – politics

Schoolchildren with laptops in class. Photo: Marijan Murat / dpa / symbol image / archive Photo: dpa Overloaded school servers and homeschooling with tasks via e-mail – the CSU wants that to no longer exist in the future. The regional group relies on digital education from daycare. Berlin – The CSU in the Bundestag is … Read more

The slaves that make iPhones sweat us out

A decade ago my old friend and colleague Joel Johnson told me “I’m going to China.” Not to become a Buddhist, but to go around Shenzhen, have some ‘he fen’ in good conditions and see with your own eyes how you work at Foxconn, the mega-corporation that makes iPhones and other Apple products. The thing … Read more

It’s getting late

December 17, 2020 – 11:40 pm 2020-12-17 By: Carlina Toledo Patterson Last Saturday the Paris Agreement turned 5 years old, and in order to honor the date and also reach new commitments to combat climate change, heads of state, people from civil society and businessmen met virtually. The new commitments will be assumed with a … Read more

Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone and Nicolas Cage share the secrets of The Croods: A New Era

On December 23, the great movie of this Christmas arrives in theaters: ‘The Croods: A New Era’. The first prehistoric family lives a new adventure when looking for a different home and, after finding it, they have to face other occupants, the Masmejor. Vanitatis offers you this exclusive clip in which some of the actors … Read more

Schools – Berlin – Mobile corona tests at daycare centers and schools in Berlin – Education

Home education Berlin SZ studies: newsletter SZ education market December 12, 2020, 10:41 am Schools – Berlin : Mobile corona tests at daycare centers and schools in Berlin Open detailed view A cotton swab from a corona swab is examined. Photo: Oliver Berg / dpa / symbol image (Photo: dpa) Directly from the dpa news … Read more

Trump has taught us what we have to fix on American democracy

06/12/2020 05:00 – Updated: 12/06/2020 08:12 It’s too early to think of a United States post Trump. The president is still the figure most popular with Republicans and it will continue to play an important role in American politics for years to come. But it’s not too early to think of a post-Trump democracy: a … Read more

ZEQ: Donating means helping

ZEQ ZEQ: Donating means helping ZEQ – For the best hospital you can be We are deeply convinced consultants in the healthcare sector. We work with you year after year to make clinics as much better as possible. At the same time, we continue to assume responsibility by supporting awards for special achievements (e.g. junior … Read more

Fabián Balbuena: We are satisfied with the result

Fabián Balbuena, defender of the Paraguayan National Team, who was the companion of Gustavo Gómez in the center of the rear, valued the point achieved against Albiceleste. “We are satisfied with the result. What we have been working with the teacher (Eduardo Berizzo) we try to implement on the field. The work we do is … Read more