Abrams without covert armor, HIMARS with shorter range. Why do Ukraine get weaker weapons?

Howitzers without GPS or rocket launchers with a shorter range – the US supplies Ukraine with some weapons systems with limitations. What is behind this: export rules, or perhaps the fear of Russia’s reaction? Leopard 2 tanks from Norway, MiG-29 fighters from Poland or Slovakia: Ukraine receives declarations of delivery of heavy weapons from the … Read more

China’s weaker outlook sent relief through equity markets

Timothy A. Clary (AFP / Scanpix) nuotr. A worse-than-expected outlook for the Chinese economy announced over the weekend will correct the sentiment of investors who have been afraid of inflation. This week we are waiting for the statements of the head of the US central bank, as well as the labor market indicators. All this … Read more

Study: A bulging diaphragm may make you weaker as you get older

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — If you are a man or woman nearing the age of fifty, look at your midsection. If you’re like many people, you’ll have to bend over your bulging waistline to see your feet. Yes, it’s the dreaded bulging diaphragm that increases as you get older, just like a receding … Read more

Top derby: United and Arsenal in battle for the title? Liverpool and Chelsea will determine who is weaker

Hello, dear readers of Gol.bg. We continue to present you the column “Top Derbies”. In it you will have the opportunity to see which are the most crucial matches on the Old Continent that will be played during the week. You will also receive information about the date and time of individual derbies from Europe. … Read more

A high number of children are in intensive care due to a weaker immune system

©  Shutterstock For weeks, many classroom seats have been empty and hospitals – including intensive care units – have been flooded with sick children. How did that happen? Has their immunity dropped after the corona period? And are they now making up for the damage? “Our immune system has indeed been less stimulated to produce … Read more

The Central Bank is taking on a weaker basis – Newspaper Kommersant No. 223 (7424) dated 12/01/2022

The Central Bank is considering the possibility of extending part of the measures taken in the spring to support the stock market, which expire at the end of the year. First of all, the professional participants ask to keep the relaxations in accounting for blocked foreign securities and their ratings when calculating the capital of … Read more

Agricultural Futures Market (Nov 21 ’22) / Canola and Wheat weaker, Corn assertive

At the end of the previous week, the wheat price was just about able to gain positive ground. In a weekly comparison, the price dropped from €327.25/t to €325.75/t. The rapeseed price also lost again in a weekly comparison. The price fell from €636.25/t to €610.25/t. December US KC Wheat closed down 3 3/4 cents … Read more

Russia lost half of its tanks in Ukraine. It will be weaker than before the war

Colin Kahl, Undersecretary of Defense for Politics, told reporters that Russian President Vladimir Putin has suffered a huge strategic defeat during the ongoing and unprovoked war in Ukraine. Kahl highlighted Putin’s military defeats, saying Russian forces have likely lost half of their main battle tanks and tens of thousands of weapons. soldiers. The information is … Read more