Delays in Western arms deliveries have limited Ukraine’s ability to launch a counteroffensive, analysts say

The institute recalls that last year the Russian army led an offensive from February 24 to July 3. Then Ukraine launched a large-scale counter-offensive in August and liberated the western part of the Kherson region. “Since then, Ukraine has failed to launch a new major counter-offensive,” the report says. Analysts believe that if the West … Read more

How Princess Kate uses her wardrobe as a weapon: “She has taken over the Queen’s trick” | POPULAR IN HLN+ SHOWBIZZ

RoyaltyThe same haircut, the same lipstick, the same regal attitude: Catherine (41), Princess of Wales, has been an exact copy of herself for more than ten years. And nowadays also one of… the deceased Queen. The two royals both have a preference for the brightest colors of the rainbow, but they don’t just choose them. … Read more

the secret weapon of the new boss of the Musketeers to revive the mastodon

Par Maria Bartnik Published on 01/24/2023 at 7:54 p.m., Update on 01/24/2023 at 21:10 Thierry Cotillard, president of Intermarché, in his store in Issy-les-Moulineaux. Bruno LEVY/CHALLENGES-REA/Bruno LEVY/CHALLENGES-REA DECRYPTION – Fifteen years after acquiring the store from the brand’s founder, Thierry Cotillard was elected chairman of the consortium. He now has the cards in hand to … Read more

Harry Kane: We want to win for Conte, and the clean sheet is the weapon for our European qualification

supported Harry KaneTottenham star, coach Antonio Conte after yesterday’s match against Fulham in the Premier League championship. The two teams met in the framework of the twenty-first round of the English Premier League, where they won spurs unanswered goal. “It was a tough game, three points are really important for us after the last two … Read more

Zelensky alarms about Putin’s plans. “The Russians are preparing revenge”

Volodymyr Zelensky during a conference with the Finnish president, who was visiting Kyiv, he spoke about “Russia’s plans for the near future.” He explained that he had given his counterpart information regarding the enemy’s offensive plans. Zelensky: Russian leadership is preparing for revenge “It is obvious that the Russian leadership is preparing for revenge, gathering … Read more

MADE IN ENGLAND: Arsenal and United made a league advertisement. Wizard Haaland doesn’t have just one weapon

“Even when he started the season in style, it was clear to me that Erling Haaland had an extra year ahead of him. He benefits from the incredible strength of City: De Bruyne, Fodden, Mahríz… They all prepare chances for him. He didn’t hit twice in a row, but it was only a matter of … Read more

Banning Russia Today is banning a weapon of war – Liberation

Thomas Legrand’s post Article reserved for subscribers On Saturday, the accounts of the state media were frozen in France. Having assumed the mission of relaying the Russian vision of the news, the channel no longer had anything to do with journalism, the objective of which, even for the opinion press, is to combat propaganda. Wherever … Read more

Russia’s next weapon against Europe: Increasing the number of flights to Kaliningrad

In October, Russia announced that it was opening air traffic to Kaliningrad from other countries as part of the Open Sky initiative, writes the multilingual broadcaster Euronews. Among other things, they want to increase the number of flights from the Middle East and North Africa to the exclave. This worries the ICMPD, which fears that … Read more

Flying 20 times the speed of sound, Putin confirmed that it was impossible for Avangard to be intercepted

loading… Russia’s Avangard hypersonic missile. PHOTO/ DAILY KIEV – Russia ready to use The Avangard hypersonic missile which is claimed to have 20 times the speed of sound and is impossible to conquer begins to operate. ALSO READ – Muzzle 9M730 Burevestnik Aimed at Kiev, Ukraine on the Brink of Doomsday President Vladimir Putin said … Read more

Danilov on a new wave of mobilization in Russia: This is a challenge for us

“This is a challenge for us,” he said, answering a journalist’s question. “The mobilization did not stop there, it is underway. Preparations are underway, we do not need to be dismissive of this. I emphasize again: they will want to make another offensive attempt. We must prepare for this, ask our partners to give us … Read more