Salma Hayek wears a Gucci dress with a risky neckline

Salma Hayek, one of the actresses who are part of the cast that makes up the film of ‘House of Gucci’, is leaving us true dream styles in the presentations of this project around the planet. Yesterday, the Lincoln Center Jazz in New York City welcomed the stars of a film under the direction of … Read more

Maxima wears a dress directly inspired by Queen Mathilde

They share more than a title. The queens Maxima and Mathilde have another point in common: a taste for racy elegance with originality that is both marked and discreet. It is therefore no coincidence that the two sovereigns both rely on the know-how of Belgian Édouard Vermeulen and Maison Natan. Expected in Dubai for an … Read more

“Chakrit” wears the spirit of a lion, the most disturbing biker in “The Messenger, Cupid in the wrong queue”

Sunday, 07 November 2021, 11.30 a.m. called the coolest With the new role in the human world of “Q” in the drama “The Messenger Cupid Wrong Queue” on PPTV Channel 36, played by “Chakrit Yamnam”, in which the young man Krit has to wear the spirit of a lion Bidkoy delivers documents to Paradise Advertising … Read more

‘Chakrit’ wears the spirit of a lion, the most disturbing biker in ‘The Messenger, Cupid in the wrong queue’

Thursday, November 4, 2021, 1:29 p.m. called the coolest with a new role in the human world“queue”in the drama “The Messenger Cupid in the wrong queue “on PPTV Channel 36played by “Chakrit Yamnam”In which this event, the young man Krit has to wear the spirit of a lion, a biker who sends documents to Paradise … Read more

Maya Diab wears the same dress as Hailey Bieber in her latest looks.. Who is the most beautiful?

Repeating the same look between stars and world celebrities, as well as the Arab world, is one of the things that happens often, as one of them chooses a design from an international fashion house, and then another appears with the same design with the addition of its own touch to it, this is what … Read more

Scandal! Cristiano Ronaldo wears the wrong jersey at the Dubai museum

London’s famous wax museum opened its first branch in the Arab world this week in Dubai. The white and black striped swimsuit worn by the statue of “CR7” made a big splash on the internet. “Cristiano Ronaldo fans will be delighted to learn that his wax statue will be updated very soon with his new … Read more

Di Ying only wears underwear to liberate the 59-year-old real looks super amazing | Entertainment | CTWANT

Di Ying is well maintained and can’t tell his age at all. (Photo / flip from Di Ying’s Facebook page) Entertainer Di Ying and Sun Peng have been married for many years and have a son, Sun Anzuo. Although he is 59 years old, his appearance and figure are still well maintained, and she can … Read more

Houria Farghali wears the hijab – photo

The Egyptian actress is backHouria Farghali​To her artistic activity, after recovering from her ill health, and she is still filming her scenes from her series “Ayam wa Bnaishha” in Beirut. Houria appeared behind the scenes of the series, wearing the veil for her role in the series, as she embodies the character of a girl … Read more

This man is the son of the richest man in Indonesia, wears broken shoes with duct tape, the reason is unexpected – Here Armand Wahyudi Hartono or Armand Hartono, the son of the richest man in Indonesia instead wears torn shoes that are duct tape. It was revealed why Robert Budi Hartono’s son was so super thrifty. Simple portrait of Armand Hartono (instagram/armandtono_) If usually a life of luxury is attached to the children of … Read more

Charming Figure, Queen of the Kingdom Wears Hijab Cheap Rp 100 Thousand, So Loved by Her People – Portrait of the royal empress only wearing a hijab for Rp. 100 thousand. He is the figure Tengku Permaisuri Norashikin Abdul RahmanThe Malaysian Empress, wearing a cheap hijab for Rp. 100 thousand stole the attention. This can be seen from the upload of Malaysian artist, Fazura, via Instagram account on Wednesday, October 6, … Read more