Malina and her granddaughter set the web on fire – Hot

January 28, 2023 21:20 50148 3 Pop folk is the genre of young grandmothers in our country! For nearly two years, the “primate” Gloria has been working for the “team” of the ladies whose children gifted them with grandchildren. Before her, however, another pop folk favorite, Malina, became a grandmother far before she turned 50. … Read more

She has a panic attack on the plane, the steward reassures her by taking her hand (and the web is activated to reward him) –

Of Alessandro Vinci “Actions like this should be celebrated,” wrote the author of the shot, taken on a Delta Air Lines flight from Charlotte to New York affected by some turbulence. A fundraiser has been opened, over $2,300 already donated The hands that shake, the eyes that cross. On the side Floyd Dean-Shannonflight attendant of … Read more

MS Edge web browser UI changes… Codename ‘Phoenix’ under development

MS Edge Split View (Source: Twitter) Microsoft is working on reimagining its Edge web browser, code-named “Phoenix,” foreign media reported on the 26th (local time). According to the report, since last summer, Microsoft has been developing ‘Edge Phoenix’ with the same new user interface (UI) and new features as the Windows 11 operating system. Some … Read more

Experts dismantle a web of fake ads affecting millions of iPhones

Information security researchers have uncovered a huge network of deceptive apps that display fake ads, especially on Apple iPhones. The process is called Vastflux because it uses the Video Ad Display Model (VAST) specification, as well as Flux technology to change blocks of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and Domain Name System (DNS) records to hide … Read more

Dead Web | TUE | 01/24/2023 | 19:05

January 24, 2023, 7:05 p.m Many of us use the Internet mainly for emails, messenger services or general surfing through the net. In a digitized society, however, much more depends on the World Wide Web: food supply, energy supply, health care, telecommunications, banking and finance. There is hardly an area of ​​life that would not … Read more

Bancaribe launches renewed web platform – High Density

January 18, 2023 With a focus on digital transformation, Bancaribe makes available to its customers and users its new websitewhich seeks to provide an innovative experience, improving your interaction and optimizing navigation, through an updated design that adapts to the needs of the market. “Our goal is to place the customer at the center of … Read more

Misdo “ Yoroizuka-style Danish Chocolat Donut ” Banane Maron Caramel Sale Released, Ecuadorian bananas and Italian marrons used, jointly developed with Toshihiko Yoroizuka / Mister Donut “ misdo meets Toshi Yoroizuka ” 2023 2nd edition | Food Industry News WEB

Mister Donut “Yoroizuka-style Danish Chocolat Donut” / 2023 “misdo meets Toshi Yoroizuka” Part 2 Mister Donut, developed by Duskin, will release two types of “Yoroizuka-style Danish chocolate donuts” on January 25th. “Banane” and “Marron Caramel Sale” are 248 yen including tax for takeout and 253 yen including tax for eat-in. [Related article]Misdo “Yoroizuka-style gateau chocolat … Read more