James Web: a detail never seen before in Neptune was revealed by NASA’s telescope

the space telescope James Webb from NASA surprised the world again with its amazing photographic capabilities by sharing this week a beautiful image of Neptune, its rings and its moons. The image sent by the powerful instrument is not only the sharper photo of the eighth and farthest planet in the solar system obtained in … Read more

Portaltic.-Niantic brings AR experiences to the browser with Lightship VPS for Web

MADRID, 23 Sep. (Portaltic/EP) – Niantic has announced Lightship VPS for Weba new tool that translates its position and orientation system to WebAR content, which is now available together with the 8th Wall platform. Lightship VPS is a third-party system developed by Niantic that determines the position and orientation of the augmented reality user (RA). … Read more

FUT 23: The Web App is coming out this Wednesday!

You’ve probably been waiting for it for several days, the FUT 23 Web App is coming out this Wednesday evening. Let’s take a look at what it includes. When is the release scheduled? L’web application is coming out this Wednesday eveningwhile themobile application should be released tomorrowThursday, September 22. As every year, the applications should … Read more

Former web entrepreneur Alberto Genovese sentenced to 8 years and 4 months – Chronicle

Alberto Genovese, a former web entrepreneur accused of having raped two models after having made them unconscious with a mix of cocaine and ketamine, was sentenced to eight years and four months: one of 18, during a party on the 10th. October 2020 in her penthouse Terrazza Sentimento, the other 23-year-old guest in a luxury … Read more

Spider-Man: Releases of Kraven the Hunter and Madame Web postponed for several months…

It’s tradition: to announce bad news on Friday evening, in order to hide it under the carpet of the weekend… Thus, the releases of the next two films of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe have been postponed. Kraven the Hunter is moving from January 13 to October 6, 2023. And Madame Web mechanically drops October 6, 2023 … Read more

Egypt news | Science and technology / making Snapchat available on the web to all users of the messaging application in the world

Comments Notes before commenting: Comments on the site reflect the opinions of its authors and do not reflect the opinions of the site.Any expression that offends the divine or any religion, sect or nationality is prohibited.All comments must be in Arabic.Commenting with offensive words is prohibited.Please do not engage in any political discussions.Comments containing ads … Read more

Make Snapchat available on the web to all users of the messaging application in the world

Built-in messaging and video chat features snap chat It first appeared in the browser last July, but only in select markets and for Snapchat + subscribers, but now Snapchat for web is finally available to all users of the messaging app around the world. It might be the best option for users who do a … Read more

Snapchat Web launches for all users globally

In mid-July, Snapchat announced with great fanfare the launch of its web app, which marked the platform’s first foray beyond the mobile environment. At that time, the ability to browse, post, or interact with the app’s communication tools from a desktop device was released as exclusive to paying subscribers. Today this has changed. Snapchat launches … Read more

Kvara goes to hug Zielinski before Politano’s penalty: the image is viral on the web

The Pole was visibly shaken by the two missed penalties but had still gone on the ball. The Georgian’s gesture testifies to the compactness of the dressing room More and more leaders in Naples Khvicha Kvaratskhelia. This is further evidenced by the gesture that the Georgian made last night towards Zielinski, taken up by several … Read more

Introducing FakeUpdate.net Web pranking friends pretend that PC is infected with Windows update page or a lifetime Ransomware virus.

Recently, FakeUpdate.net has become a trend in Thailand After a lot of PC users have fooled their friends that their PC is stuck on the Windows update page for a long time that they can’t use it. until later learned that it was a prank for those who do not know FakeUpdate.net It’s a prank … Read more