24.6 billion stolen usernames and passwords circulating on the Web

Digital Shadowsspecializing in threats and protection against digital risks, has published a new study. The latter quantifies the extent of the compromise of Passwords in the world. According to figures, more than 24 billion username and password combinations are in circulation in cybercriminal markets, including the dark web. By way of illustration, that’s the equivalent … Read more

Presnyakov’s naked wife was hounded on the Web

The wife of Nikita Presnyakov called into question the sincerity of their union with the singer. Alena Krasnova allowed herself another scandalous trick. Appearing on the street without underwear, the girl did not miss the chance to take a few photos and publish them on her page on the social network. The absence of a … Read more

Cloudfare outage suspends several renowned web services, crypto exchanges included

An outage at data infrastructure provider Cloudflare disabled many well-known web services for several hours, including several major crypto exchanges. The outage, which affected such reputable crypto exchange services as FTXBitfinex and OKX, has raised new questions about the security of centralized platforms. Although significantly easier to use, these centralized crypto exchanges are much more … Read more

Version 2 of Redbean, a single file web server that runs on any x86-64 operating system, is available, with new APIs, code completion, and more.

Justine Tunney, developer of Redbean, recently released the latest version (Redbean 2.0) of the web server. Redbean 2.0 features a new APE (Actually Portable Executable) loader that allows the server to run without modifying headers, thus enabling in-memory execution. If the APE is not installed on the system, the shell script header automatically extracts the … Read more

NASA introduces a free web game “Game: Super Planet Crash” to learn to simulate the operation of celestial bodies through games

Set up by NASA, the website “Astronomy Picture of the Day”, which regularly puts up a featured astronomical map every day, shared the free web game “Game: Super Planet Crash” on June 19. By simulating a planetary system, Allows players to add stars anywhere near the stars in different celestial panels, and get points based … Read more

What is web 5? Is it the best solution to control our digital identity as seen by the founder of Twitter?

In his tweet, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced a new decentralized Internet called “Web 5”, which is a mixture of the current “Web2” and the upcoming “Web3”, and aims to reform The problem of securing personal data that has become the property of third parties to do as they please, and allowing developers to … Read more

When new technologies melt the energy bill

Par Pascal Grandmaison Posted on 06/19/2022 at 5:15 p.m., Update on 06/19/2022 at 5:15 p.m. Beem solar panels. BEEM OUR ADVICE – Remote control of heating and air conditioning, solar electricity or control of water consumption… Review of effective solutions. Nearly 2.50 euros per liter of SP98 in the center of Paris! This is unheard … Read more

The web is boiling after Kiril Petkov’s interview in “Panorama”

Kiril Petkov was a guest in “Panorama” tonight. He complained to Boyko Vassilev that he had not had enough enough votes to be independent behind the scenes. Now they were trying, and he thought they would succeed, to clear the backstage of the ruling coalition. His words provoked comments on social networks. Here are some … Read more

Internet Explorer and how it took advantage of the dominance of Windows to destroy Netscape | Microsoft | World Wide Web | IE | Present

About the death of internet explorerthe web browser included in Windows that dominated for more than a decade the preference of millions of users who discovered the internet thanks to it, today we will tell you about the darkest episode of the browser, in which there was a big hit called Netscapeanother very popular program … Read more