Manfred Weber: “We have to respond to the Turkish attacks on the EU”

The escalation of tension between Turkey and the EU has reached a new fever pitch after the Turkish president questioned the French president’s mental health. Brussels has raised the tone against Ankara, but has still failed to take concrete action, although more and more voices are calling on the European Union to use its economic … Read more

Merger rumor: UBS President Axel Weber is said to have threatened to relocate the headquarters

The speculation about a possible large merger of UBS and CS does not stop. The driving force is said to be UBS President Axel Weber. Allegedly, the merger issue comes this week in the UBS board of directors, writes “Inside Paradeplatz”. Space for speculation: Credit Suisse and UBS at Zurich’s Paradeplatz. Keystone “Signal” is the … Read more

Watch! Evija Weber presents a new video at the Berlin Music Festival ‘PopKultuur’

Last weekend, the Berlin music festival “PopKultuur” was shown online, where specially prepared works were commissioned by the festival’s artistic team. One of them was also the latest video of the Latvian singer Evija Weber for the song “Vienardzis”. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Even now, the festival’s three shows can be watched … Read more

Rémy Weber leaves the management of La Banque Postale

Posted on Jul 22, 2020 at 7:35 p.m. La Banque Postale announced this Wednesday evening the departure of its boss, Rémy Weber, in post since October 2013. He will leave his post on August 3, after the presentation of the half-year results to the bank’s supervisory board, the group indicates in a communicated. His successor … Read more