The first case of “automatically grabbing red envelopes” unfair competition case concluded: software developer was sentenced to 4.754 million compensation-Tencent WeChat

According to a July 15 announcement by the Beijing Intellectual Property Court, the court recently concluded the first unfair competition dispute related to “automatic grabbing of red envelopes”. Due to the development of the “WeChat automatic red envelope grabbing” software, the defendant Palm Vision Company was convicted of constituting unfair competition and compensated the two … Read more

WeChat is suddenly “green” to see what surprises there are in the new version of WeChat-Tencent WeChat

The official WeChat website, which has remained unchanged for thousands of years, was finally officially revised yesterday. The main page that has been complained by countless people has also been replaced with a brand new “WeChat green”. And coming along with the official website transformation is the new Android version of WeChat 8.0.7. This time, … Read more

If the US blocks WeChat, China will boycott Apple

BEIJING, – China will boycott Apple if United States of America ( AS) block WeChat. The threat was conveyed by the Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman on Friday (28/8/2020), at a time when the US continues to threaten the blocking of WeChat. US President Donald Trump this month announced that from mid-September it could be … Read more

Block WeChat, a WeChat user in the US to sue President Donald Trump

ILLUSTRATION. Some WeChat users in the US sued President Donald Trump for issuing an executive order blocking access to WeChat. Source: foxnews | Editor: Khomarul Hidayat KONTAN.CO.ID – LOS ANGELES. Some users of the WeChat app based in the United States (US) sued President Donald Trump for issuing an executive order blocking access to WeChat, … Read more

WeChat users in the United States sue Donald Trump – News

The complaint, filed on Friday in San Francisco, was filed by the non-profit organization “US WeChat Users Aliance” and several others who say they trust the application to work or keep in touch with family members in China, ensuring they are not associated with the WeChat, or Tencent, a Chinese multinational that owns the application. … Read more

Crushing statistics: 95% of Chinese prefer to give up the iPhone just to have WeChat

Apple broke down under pressure from the US government and removed services from ByteDance (TikTok’s social network) and the WeChat chat app from Tencent from its app store over the past week. Maybe this gesture will cost Apple valuable income from the Chinese market. iPhone, illustration | photo: MobileCup TIP: Apple may have utrum in … Read more

Apple warns Trump administration of serious consequences of WeChat boycott

It will not have taken too long: following the latest gesticulations As of the Trump administration, Apple and a dozen other American companies (including Disney, Intel and Walmart) have warned the White House of the profoundly negative effects of a ban on American companies from deal with Tencent, the owner of WeChat. The Wall Street … Read more

Chinese Tech Stocks Plummet, Suggesting Sanctions Could Be Accelerated | WeChat | Tencent | TikTok

News analysis President Trump’s executive order of ban Chinese TikTok apps and Wechat caused a stir in the financial markets. While the possibility of imposing sanctions on the popular video-sharing app has been widely debated in recent weeks TikTok, the WeChat ban – and potentially its parent company Tencent Holdings Ltd— and other applications could … Read more