Wednesday’s sports program: Real Madrid and Milan on the pitch

On Wednesday, Manchester City will face Southampton in the quarter-finals of the English League Cup. In the semi-finals of the Spanish Super Cup, a match between Real Madrid and Valencia will be held. We can also see Milan and Paris Saint-Germain. The men’s handball world championship begins, the French play the Poles in the opening … Read more

A figure skater replicates Wednesday’s dance during a competition

The television series Wednesday (Wednesday) is a monster success on Netflix. Coming from The Addams Family, the story is concocted from ingredients worthy of an authentic magic potion. This is perhaps the reason why such a large audience is bewitched. It must be admitted that Jenna Ortega pierces the screen in the title role of … Read more

Eurêka Vrie still finds the key to success in this Wednesday’s Quinté at Vincennes

The arrival the race You favor them Fepson (15) proves faulty around the final disc, and the match is cut short with Eurêka Vrie (13). This versatile distance trotter is taking advantage of the windfall and is continuing to harvest this winter. Esteban Jiel (12) who recovers really well in the last meters is second, … Read more

Filming was horrible, Jenna Ortega says of Wednesday’s viral dance scene. She admitted the truth, she faces a lot of hate

Jenna Ortega is praised from all sides for her performance in the series Wednesday. Fans loved her look and several scenes went viral. Above all, however, the dance sequence that has taken over TikTok and people are trying to imitate it in droves. However, the actress admitted one thing that really surprised some. The article … Read more

G. Žibēnas: the biggest problem is that we were already thinking about Wednesday’s match

In the Lithuanian Basketball League (Betsafe-LKL), Vilnius “Rytas” defeated “Šiaulius” 85:80 on the road. After the match, the head coach of the Vilnius team Giedrius Žibėnas said he was unhappy with the attitude of the players. “We lack a better approach to the game. When you give the local team confidence – that’s the match … Read more

The “NBK” asks 5 questions in Wednesday’s session

Abu Dhabi (WAM) The Federal National Council will hold its second session of the fourth regular session of the seventeenth legislative term, chaired by His Excellency Saqr Ghobash, Speaker of the Council, next Wednesday at the Council’s headquarters in Abu Dhabi, during which it will discuss a draft federal law regarding the organization of the … Read more

Independence Wednesdays bring great African leaders back to life

Every Wednesday, from November 23 to December 21, the Africolor and Vladimir Cagnolari festival resuscitates the architects of African independence, from Lumumba to Lalla Fadhma N’Soumer. « And if the time of a story, the father of Malian independence Modibo Keita came back to life? What if Patrice Lumumba, national hero of the Democratic Republic … Read more

Wednesday’s Fed meeting may help gold rebound from nearly three-year lows –

Since March 8, when its price rose above $2,000 per troy ounce, its dollar value has fallen for seven straight months, losing a fifth of its value in that time. Currently, its price is around $1,640 per ounce, and its further development will depend mainly on Wednesday’s conference of the American central bank (Fed), which … Read more

Hulysse Digeo wins as a hero in Wednesday’s Quinté at Enghien

The arrival the race “I have always tried to preserve it” declared Jean-William Hallais at the end of this Quinté in which its Hulysse triumphs. Hulysse Digeo (5) 5-year-old gelding by Dream of Beylev et Odyssey Night announced the color to Vincennes and doubled the bet this Wednesday by dominating this Quinté head and shoulders. … Read more

Economy in Latin America, physical exercise, cholera vaccines… Wednesday’s news

Strong economic slowdown in Latin America and the Caribbean by 2023 The Commission Economic for Latin America and the Caribbean forecasts economic growth for this year of 3.2%, a higher figure than forecast last August, but predicts a slowdown in the regional economy in 2023 that would only increase by 1.4%. The organization highlights that … Read more