What to see, what to do in Manhattan: top 10 activities

Manhattan Island is the borough principal of New York, famous for its constant awakening and its cosmopolitan character. Here are the 10 most emblematic activities to discover the must-sees of the city that never sleeps. Bordered by rivers and the Atlantic Ocean, Manhattan is certainly the smallest district of New York with its 59 km², … Read more

the movement could continue this weekend

“In concrete terms, these are the same demands as in September, the same problems,” said Renaud Wallet, CGSLB union representative, directly. The spontaneous strike of this Friday morning did not start from the aggression of a driver, but rather from a fed up of the staff. “Even without this Friday’s strike, there would have been … Read more

“The world of tomorrow already exists”

The former presenter of the JT (and always joker on occasion) now pilots the “Future Planet” section on Fridays, devoted to sustainable development, in the 7 p.m. newspaper. RTL Belgium/Olivier Pirard Published on 04/14/2023 at 06:30 For Antonella Soro No longer presenting the weekend news was your decision? Yes, it was my choice. We had … Read more

a result expected next weekend

On Sunday, the main ministers of the De Croo government carried out an in-depth examination of the report of the monitoring committee, transmitted on Thursday and presented on Friday in kern, and analyzed line by line the measures taken in the initial budget of October, he said. we learned at the Prime Minister’s Office. Working … Read more

what was feared came true today

Kris, an employee at the port of Antwerp-Bruges, had disappeared overnight from Friday to Saturday after a New Year’s reception. The port authority then launched an appeal on its Facebook page to find him. “Our colleague from the Port of Antwerp-Bruges Kris Goossens did not return last night. He left the Moose bar in Antwerp … Read more