Next week’s HBO, Netflix and other streaming services: Superhero lawyer, cartoons and muscle from Brussels

Source: Disney+, Marvel StudiosNetflix and HBO Max are among the most popular streaming platforms in the country and supply us with dozens of new series and movies every month. That’s why we bring a regular overview of several of the most anticipated projects that you can enjoy on both services during the following week. Together … Read more

The prices of the iPhone 14 and its features are filtered a few weeks after its launch – Metro Puerto Rico

There are very few weeks left for the launch of the new iPhone 14 and, as usual, its characteristics and even its price are already being filtered. It has been known that Apple will eliminate the mini version of its cell phones that were a cheaper option for buyers. Apple’s new ‘baby’ is scheduled to … Read more

Gold prices re-rise at the end of the week’s sessions… and the gram rises by 25 pounds

habit gold prices To rise at the end of the trading sessions this week, so the gram of gold rose by about 25 pounds, as 21 karat rose from 1040 to 1065 pounds per gram in trading in the goldsmiths market, after the global gold market closed at a rise of about 12 dollars, to … Read more

Komnas HAM Targets Report on Brigadier J’s Case to be Completed in Two Weeks

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) targeting the report of the death of Brigadier Nofriansyah Yoshua Hutabarat or Brigadier J to be completed in two week. “Two weeks at the most,” said Chairman of the Indonesian National Human Rights Commission Ahmad Taufan Damanik when giving a press statement at the Mobile Brigade … Read more

The magic boiled egg diet, star Salwa Othman lost 14 kilos of weight in two weeks… and this is what she used to do every day!! (Watch a video)

The artist Salwa Othman has become one of the most famous artists and has a presence in several works of art, but her distance from the press and media and her lack of appearance on programs affected her stardom and fame among the public. The Egyptian actress Salwa Othman revealed, during her guest appearance on … Read more

All over the world have played except Thailand. MultiVersus has reached more than 10 million players worldwide in just 2 weeks.

MultiVersus, the latest work from Player First Games and Warner Bros. Games after leaving Open Beta and launching into Early Access on July 26th. The game has a total of 10,315,804 players worldwide. This data was collected by Tracker.GG, but no figures from publisher Warner Bros. Games have been released yet. The game currently has … Read more

Standard: Noah Ohio out for four weeks!

Only one Rouche is missing, it’s Noah Ohio. Released after feeling pain in his thigh, the 19-year-old Dutchman suffered a tear. “He’s got four weeks to go. It could have been better…and worse. That’s how it is. His warm-up? We’ve already talked about it with him. He’s still young and needs to learn.” Building on … Read more

3 Weeks Release, MultiVersus Reach 10 Million Players • Jagat Play

At the time this news was written, almost most of Indonesian gamers had not been able to enjoy this one game. But beyond that fact, it seems impossible not to see and feel the hype that WB Games has managed to achieve with MultiVersus. Who would have thought that the concept that followed the success … Read more

A fast-acting diet, Ghada Abdel Razek lost 14 kilos in just two weeks… You won’t believe what it is.! !

The artist, Ghada Abdel Razek, is distinguished by her roles, elegance, eternal youth and height, but what is also striking is her ability to lose weight quickly and restore her slim and attractive body. Learn with us in this article about Ghada Abdel Razek’s diet, which helped her lose 14 kilograms of weight in an … Read more

School calendar SEP 2022 to 2023. Next school year will have 2 extra weeks of ‘holidays’

The school calendar 2022 to 2023 from Secretariat of Public Education (SEP) considers 190 days of class and ten days of intensive training on the New Curricular Proposal. This training will be carried out without the presence of the students in the classrooms, in the weeks of January 2 to 6 and June 5 to … Read more