Happiness professor mentions very simple secret for a happy life – Wel.nl

Are you currently trying to get hold of a house on the Dutch housing market, but the promotion that should help you with the necessary mortgage is not forthcoming? Take comfort: material things like this hardly make you happier. Rather work on the fun factor. Happiness professor at the prestigious Yale University, Laurie Santos, comes … Read more

Why sleeping in at the weekend is so healthy – Wel.nl

Many people sometimes sleep an hour too little during the week. You can’t just make up for that on the weekend, according to most experts. Still, sleeping in on Saturday and Sunday is healthy. It reduces the risk of depression, according to new research. Researchers from South Korea’s Yonsei University examined 5,500 people who regularly … Read more

So much land is needed to feed all dogs and cats on Earth – Wel.nl

Fikkie, Minoes, Nala or Bello, they may be the sweetest dogs and cats on earth, but they can’t live on air. And food production leads to CO2 emissions. Your pet is therefore a considerable environmental polluter. Researchers have listed the exact extent of the damage. They only looked at dry food from dogs and cats. … Read more

“Be prepared because a new pandemic is coming” – Wel.nl

As Europe prepares for a new corona wave in the autumn, the World Health Organization (WHO) is already warning of the next impending doom. “We can be sure of a new pandemic,” it said in a new report. The scientists and politicians who wrote the report are lashing out at European leaders. “The devastating effects … Read more

‘Let young children get Covid-19’ – Wel.nl

Primary schools are already turning out to be a hotbed of corona infections. But according to pediatrician and epidemiologist Patricia Bruijning, it is no longer necessary to send entire classes home. “Now that much of the population has been vaccinated, the perspective has changed,” she explains in NRC. “Certainly for children, the risks of infection … Read more

‘Not low interest, but Dutch rules are the cause’ – Wel.nl

House prices in the Netherlands had already risen to record highs. And then a big shovel came on top in corona time. That has not much to do with the low interest rates, explains President of De Nederlandsche Bank, Klaas Knot in the Volkskrant. “In the Netherlands, house prices rose by 16 percent in the … Read more

New nasty corona variant is spreading across the earth – Wel.nl

A new corona variant is quickly spreading around the world. The variant, provisionally named C.1.2, was first spotted in South Africa in May, but has since appeared in Congo, Mauritius, England, Portugal, Switzerland and New Zealand. And those are just the countries where C1.2 is certain to exist. The variant is more contagious than other … Read more

‘Unmentionable suffering threatens’ – Wel.nl

We have been able to experience it for ourselves recently: the climate is upset. And good too. Climate scientists are sounding the alarm again. If we don’t act immediately, a bleak future awaits us, it sounds. In the latest report 31 parameters are analysed, including greenhouse gas emissions, changes in surface temperature, the loss of … Read more

Vaccinated staff poses a risk in the hospital – Wel.nl

According to Trouw, the Outbreak Management Team is concerned about the possible spread of the coronavirus by vaccinated healthcare workers. Infections with a high contagiousness are found among vaccinated healthcare workers, so there is a risk of transmission of this virus to vulnerable patients. Most ‘breakthrough infections’ among healthcare workers are accompanied by mild or … Read more

Vaccinated and yet infected? These are the symptoms – Wel.nl

Even if you are fully vaccinated, you can become infected with the delta variant and pass the virus on to others. But how do you know you’re infected if you don’t get sick anymore? There are some symptoms that are slightly different from an infection without vaccination. A large study from King’s College London found … Read more