Italy’s bad attitude in the Wembley dressing room after Euro champions

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Italy National Team called abandoning bad behavior by dirtying the dressing room Wembley Stadium after winning Euro 2020 (Euro 2021). The Azzurri won Euro 2020 after winning 3-2 in a shootout with England at Wembley Stadium, Monday (12/70 am Indonesian time). The final match had to go to a penalty shootout … Read more

EURO 2021 | Suspected rib fracture. The star’s father paid for the fan rampage at Wembley

It was supposed to be a football holiday, but from a fan’s point of view, it left a taste. Sunday’s EURO final at Wembley went awry and ended in the embarrassment of the domestic English. The father of the star defender Harry Maguire also paid for the riots. Due to a conflict with spectators who … Read more

They ran over and injured my father at Wembley Stadium

England defender Harry Maguire has revealed that his father sustained a rib injury and had difficulty breathing after some fans ran over him during a riot at Wembley Stadium before the Euro 2020 final against Italy. Fans clashed with each other as well as with officials, passing security barriers and actually approaching the vicinity of … Read more

The miracle of Eriksen and the title stubborn Wembley to return to Rome .. 7 inspiring stories at Euro 2020

competitions over Euro 2020 Italy won the title at the expense of England, in an exciting match hosted by Wembley Stadium, which extended to overtime and penalty kicks, in the presence of a large crowd. The Euro 2020 competitions began, passed and ended with inspiring and touching stories, some of which angered the masses, others … Read more

England will have a disciplinary after losing the final. UEFA has opened proceedings for violence

The European Football Union (UEFA) has initiated disciplinary proceedings against the English Football Association after Sunday’s European Championship final. According to UEFA, the English fans committed several transgressions in the London match with Italy: breaking into the field, throwing objects, lighting flares and inappropriate behavior during the opponent’s anthem. At the same time, the management … Read more

Maguire’s father broke ribs after being stepped on by a fan at Wembley

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — National team defender English Harry Maguire reveals his father allegedly broke a rib after being trampled on while watching the final Euro 2020 (Euro 2021) at Wembley Stadium, Monday (12/7) early morning WIB. Maguire called his 56 -year -old father caught up in a riot of supporters trying to get into … Read more

The organizational disaster of Wembley

Loading player On the evening and night of Sunday 11 July, inside and especially outside the London Wembley stadium, where Italy won the European football championships, there were enormous problems managing the flow of people, clashes, beatings, illegal or violent gestures and thousands of unauthorized entries. Several groups of people, even without tickets, managed to … Read more

No more European Championship or World Cup with Snoeks as a commentator: ‘A special closing at Wembley’

Despite the help of the local youth, Snoeks arrived much too late at the stadium. His colleague Arno Vermeulen provided commentary from the media center. “In the end we were on the road for five hours. I then did the second half completely soaked. I will not soon forget that adventure.” Read contest Although Snoeks … Read more

“At Wembley cornering with the English fans, what hell not to be able to cheer” –

of Laura Zangarini The singer and youtuber returned on Monday evening from the triumphant victory of the Azzurri. After Saka’s goal saved, the “It’s coming home” signs became “It didn’t” Among the passengers returning from London, on the flight that landed in Milan on Monday, there was also Fabio Rovazzi, singer and youtuber born in … Read more

Euro 2020, from the group stage to the triumph at Wembley: all the goals of the Azzurri – The video

From his debut at the Olympic stadium in Rome to the final triumph at Wembley of Euro 2020. The adventure of the National Mancini, in these traveling Europeans, lasted a month. But the Azzurri, match after match, not without some difficulties, managed to keep up with the pace of the matches, remaining unbeaten in all … Read more