5 Reasons Bitcoin May Be a Better Long-Term Investment Than Gold

High inflation in forty years and the worsening global economy have led many financial analysts to recommend investing in gold as a hedge against potential volatility and the US dollar’s decline. For many years crypto traders have called “bitcoin” that it is “Digital Gold” But is it really a better investment than gold? Let’s take … Read more

SEC Announces Latest Bitcoin ETF Decision! › CoinTurk

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The biggest cryptocurrency has dropped back to $36,500. The IMF made a new statement targeting cryptocurrencies. Why are the IMF and World Bank against Bitcoin? The IMF, which has been constantly making statements about cryptocurrencies, has been on the agenda again. Bitcoin eased below $37,000. Of course, the last drop is not only related to … Read more

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Bitcoin is above $38,900 at the time of writing, and altcoins are heavily impacted by unstable BTC. Of course, it is necessary to see exceptions such as ApeCoin, which makes serious pricing thanks to the high hype. APE is as high as $27 today. After the initial exchange listing, the price dropped to $8 and … Read more

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The famous crypto analyst and trader pointed out this cryptocurrency, saying that a 25-fold increase is not far. Prominent crypto for analysts and trader Jason Pizzino, the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin‘in (BTC) is optimistic that it could reach a seven-figure price over time. $1,000,000 Is Not So Far In a new video update, Pizzino has 263,000 … Read more

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The lowest levels of the day came at the time of writing in Bitcoin. BTC slumped to $39,500 and lost the 40,000 region. Macro developments that suppressed the crypto money markets caused the price to experience serious decreases in the first quarter. It is possible that these decreases will continue in the upcoming period, but … Read more

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