Index – Tech-Science – Concorde, supersonic aircraft on the horizon may be reborn

2021.11.15. 07:04 Since the Concorde supersonic aircraft was shut down in 2003, there have been no flights capable of gliding above the speed of sound, crossing the Atlantic in as little as three hours. Now, however, it appears several companies and the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) are also investing in the area. … Read more

Index – Domestic – Pegasus has actually been used in Hungary, but we don’t know what

“The case was made public in July by an investigative portal called Direkt36. On the day the article was published, it was decided with Péter Ungár and Zsolt Molnár to convene an extraordinary meeting of the National Security Committee as soon as possible. Four months have passed since then, but the public has not been … Read more

Index – Domestic – Video of a gas cylinder exploding on Baross Street

2021.11.06. 11:58 An outbuilding caught fire in the 16th century. district Baross street on Friday night. The flames spread to the roof structure of a seventy-square-meter workshop, from where the fire also spread to the roof structure of a family house, the capital’s disaster management said. About the case Index also reported. As we wrote, … Read more

Index – Tech – They sacrifice the iPad for the iPhone

2021.11.02. 10:40 Modified: 02/11/2021 11:14 In response to increased interest in iPhone 13 phones, Apple is reducing production of iPads to shift the parts they know more from manufactured tablets to manufactured phones. Before announced with lower-volume production and a failed $ 6 billion, that’s another sign that the global chip shortage isn’t sparing Apple … Read more

Index – Economy – How long and with how many vaccines do we need to be vaccinated to work?

The fourth wave has clearly shifted to a higher gear, based on forecasts again it will grow exponentially the number of people infected and hospitalized for the coronavirus. Thus, the government in consultation with experts further anti-epidemic measures Gergely Gulyás, the Prime Minister, announced in the government information on Thursday. Among them that masks will … Read more

Index – Economy – Relax, there will be enough toilet paper, but very expensive

2021.10.28. 07:00 There will be no shortage of toilet paper, but the price of the product will rise – Attila Vajda, Managing Director of Vajda-Papír, told MTI about this. The CEO recalled that the decline in plastics has led to a significant increase in the use of paper in all categories, including pulp. As a … Read more

Index – Domestic – Klára Dobrev: Whoever becomes the Prime Minister-designate, everyone must support

2021.10.17. 09:16 The decision on the identity of the joint prime ministerial candidate of the opposition coalition is already there in the ballot boxes, Klára Dobrev, the Democratic Coalition’s prime ministerial candidate, said in a video message on Sunday morning. As reported, the second round of pre-selection is on Saturday night closed. There was more … Read more

Index – Economy – There is gas, Hungary’s security gas reserves have been reduced

2021.10.16. 07:52 According to the decision of the Minister of Innovation and Technology László Palkovics, Hungary’s strategic gas reserves decreased by 17 percent from Friday. The decree, published in the Hungarian Gazette, was issued a few days after ITM Secretary of State Attila Steiner said we have a lot of gas in our storage facilities … Read more

Index – Domestic – Péter Jakab announced that he did not make it to the second round

Jobbik’s prime ministerial candidate congratulated all the winning parliamentary candidates and stressed with great pleasure that countless Jobbik and Jobbik-backed civilian candidates also brought their own constituencies. Huge congratulations to the prime ministerial candidates who made it to the second round and can compete for the right one of them to challenge Viktor Orbán next … Read more

Index – Domestic – The good is coming now, the fuel price of almost 500 forints is just the beginning

2021.09.30. 08:18 In nine days The average price of fuel increases by HUF 36, the price of 95 petrol will increase by 6 forints and that of diesel by 8 forints from Friday, so the average price of petrol will be 465 forints and that of diesel 478 forints. However, this does not end the … Read more