Take a peek inside the new Lamborghini: Steering wheel full of buttons and 13 driving modes to play with

Lamborghini has confirmed that the successor to the Aventador will be unveiled on March 29. Until then, we have to make do with information about the brand new naturally aspirated twelve-cylinder or the top-of-the-line carbon chassis… And also the instrument panel inspired by the cockpits of fighter jets. A new feature of the serial Lamborghini … Read more

Robert Kubica: It’s always been about more than just turning the wheel

Press materials / Alfa Romeo F1 ORLEN / In the photo: Robert Kubica Lukasz Kuczera 22 Mark 2023, 06:14 – New roads may open up in which I could find myself – says Robert Kubica about a possible return to F1. The Pole explains why he is not in the paddock this year, as well … Read more

The Front Wheel of the Motor Shake, Recognize the Cause and Address it Immediately

You can’t take the front wheel of a rocking motorbike for granted. The front wheel component of the motorbike is very important, but it can experience problems such as rocking. Even though the motor wheel components affect the performance of the vehicle. However, when the front wheel feels rocking, the rider must be more careful. … Read more

Annoyed behind the wheel, he decides to molest the other driver: “It didn’t go as planned”

Her sobs resonate in this courthouse appeal chamber. “I shouldn’t have, it didn’t go as planned”, sighs Claude (assumed name) in a quavering voice. If you look at him closely, you say to yourself that it must take a lot to make him burst into tears. With his burgundy velvet shirt, his gray beard collar … Read more

First time behind the wheel of a Subaru BRZ

Driving is a joy. In this day and age of throttled three-cylinder engines, automatic transmissions, driving assistants and speed cameras, it’s easy to forget, but just hop behind the wheel of a real driver’s car, enjoy a bit of engine revving, steering wheel spinning, pedal dancing and shifter flicking and you’ll be hooked roll on … Read more

A man consumes 10 pékets at the Ciney Christmas market, takes the wheel, then wants to fight with passers-by: he has just been sentenced

The Dinant Criminal Court sentenced, on Friday morning, a man prosecuted for threats and outrages committed in Ciney, on December 5, 2022, to a work sentence of 200 hours and a fine of €400. Three months in prison are provided for in the event of non-execution of the work sentence. After drinking ten pékets on … Read more

First time behind the wheel of the Lexus RX hybrid SUV

You can easily recognize the fifth generation of the Lexus RX by its sleeker, more elegant design – it still has a huge grill mask at the front, but it is more sensitively integrated into the bow and softened painted upper part, and the rear with a floating roof is somewhat reminiscent of the SUV … Read more

Would Melissa Paredes have called Anthony Aranda ‘Rodrigo’? | Melissa Paredes | Rodrigo ‘Cat’ Cuba | Anthony Aranda | Instagram | Instarandula | ratujas | | SHOWS

The model Melissa Paredes She was once again in the eye of the storm, after some users on Instagram accused her of confusing the name of her current boyfriend Anthony Aranda with that of the father of his little daughter, Rodrigo ‘Cat’ Cuba. LOOK: Panic due to thunder, lightning and a heavy downpour in districts … Read more

A year ago, Paolo Falzone killed six people at the wheel of his car: where is the investigation?

The work of investigators and justice has practically not stopped for a year; numerous hearings, to try to understand the behavior of this driver Paolo Falzone. For almost a year, he has been imprisoned in Tournai prison. He knows it, this weekend is the first carnival since the facts. “A year of the facts, but … Read more