Witness: Afaf Shoaib reveals the real reason behind the death of Hisham Selim

The Egyptian actress Afaf Shoaib revealed exciting details of what happened with the late artist Hisham Selim, and she also talked about some behind the scenes of her important personal and artistic life. Afaf said during her meeting on the “One of the People” program with the media Amr El-Leithi: “Hisham Selim died oppressed because … Read more

Witness: Muhammad Al-Sharnoubi angered his fans because of what he said about raising the call to prayer

The Egyptian artist, Muhammad Al-Sharnoubi, surprised his fans, after he expressed his strange opinion about the way the call to prayer is raised in Turkey, especially in the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul. And the artist Fedra Al-Masry published a video clip of Al-Sharnoubi from the scenes of filming the series “Old Rent”, in which … Read more

Learn about the strange condition that Sherine set to marry again

Actress Sherine set a strange condition for the boy of her dreams if she decided to marry for the second time. Sherine said in press statements that she only married once and gave birth to one daughter, noting that she was not free to marry because she was preoccupied with her family, her work in … Read more

A French priest causes controversy by talking about Princess Diana

The British royal family is still living in a state of anticipation and anxiety as the fifth season of The Crown series approaches Netflix, scheduled for November 9, which deals with the life story of Princess Diana until her death in a tragic accident in 1997. And the British “Daily Mail” website published a new … Read more

Watch: Muhammad Ramadan angers his fans because of his strange appearance in Dubai

The controversial Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, caused the anger of his fans, because of his last appearance at his concert in Dubai, as part of the “African International Music Festival”. Ramadan appeared in the video clip, which he posted on his Instagram account, wearing a light jacket and covering his head completely, and it was … Read more

Watch: Transgender Badr Khalaf gives provocative advice to women

The Emirati beauty expert, Badr, caused a wave of controversy, after his appearance in the niqab, as he gave his followers some important advice for women, about the secrets of beauty and the relationship with men. Badr Khalaf appeared in a video clip that he shared with his followers through his personal account in the … Read more

Watch: An Egyptian director exposes his son live on drug use

The Egyptian director Magdy Ahmed caused a wave of controversy, after his recent statements in which he revealed shocking details during his guest appearance on the “Stubborn” program with the media, Roqaya Mahmoud. Ahmed said: “I was shocked when I knew that my son, the artist Ahmed Magdy, used drugs, and he even said it … Read more

A famous singer is exposed to an embarrassing situation on stage… and the audience mocks him

Singer Mohamed El-Helou performed a concert yesterday evening (Monday) at the Nafoura Theater in the Egyptian Opera House as part of the activities of the 31st edition of the “Arab Music Festival and Conference”, which is currently being held, accompanied by the orchestra led by Maestro Dr. Ahmed Atef. Al-Helou decided to sing the song … Read more

Watch: Lujain Omran reveals the source of her imaginary wealth

The famous Saudi media, Jane Omran, sparked a wave of controversy after she revealed her participation in the reality series Dubai Bling, which was shown on Netflix and reviews the world of the rich people who have achieved success in Dubai. Lujain Omran commented on the questions that were circulated among followers on social media … Read more

Watch: The transgender Badr Khalaf publishes a video of him breastfeeding his child “Rashesh”

Emirati beauty expert Badr is still behind Egypt on the controversy over his pregnancy and birth, as the transgender woman insists on appearing as a fully maternity woman in front of the cameras. And Badr Khalaf shared with his fans a video clip in which he appeared to breastfeed his son, who was born a … Read more