Trump’s lawyer, determined to file a fraud complaint with the Supreme Court

Following the dismissal of Trump’s vote lawsuit in Pennsylvania, his attorney announces that this helped expedite the appeal to the US Supreme Court. “Today’s decision will help us in our strategy to quickly get to the US Supreme Court.”Rudy Giuliani, a lawyer for outgoing US President Donald Trump, said on Saturday. This statement came hours … Read more

“Trump’s refusal to transfer power puts the US in danger”

A former senior US official warns that Trump’s rejection of a process for the transfer of power to Joeph Biden threatens US security. President Donald Trump’s refusal to make a responsible transition of power to the [el demócrata] Joe Biden endangers national security (…) This lack of exchange with the Republican team represents potential threats … Read more

The four years of Trump’s economic policy in the White House – Economy

In the 2016 election, Trump promised to create new jobs and increase economic growth by lowering taxes, boosting public spending and increasing the deficit. “By their deeds you will know them” is a phrase that has its origin in the Gospel. Let’s look at the facts of the president of the United States, Mr. Trump … Read more

Censorship in the White House

Donald Trump he is not limiting himself only to propagating urbi et orbe that the elections that will displace him from power are fraudulent. As the hours pass, the States where the votes have been counted and recounted certify that the scrutinies have been correct. Meanwhile, the outgoing president continues to make decisions, dismissing officials … Read more

10 things Trump can do in the next two months

An article warns of the 10 possible scenarios that the outgoing US president could develop in the short term in a comprehensive transition project. The American newspaper The Hill In an article he has addressed the 10 possible scenarios that could develop during the next 11 weeks and first mentioned that Donald Trump could continue … Read more

the influence of the stars on the historic election

Related news The victory of Joe Biden in the elections of the United States It was also the victory of a large part of the NBA players. The stars of the best basketball league in the world were more involved than ever in the electoral process. And, although as an organization there was never a … Read more

The agenda will focus on health, economy, racial equality and climate

The president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, announced the launch of his transition team that will focus on the main current challenges of the country: facing the coronavirus pandemic, economic recovery, advancing racial equity and combating the climate change crisis. Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris said they are already working to meet America’s … Read more

Interview: USA expert: “Trump will continue to play an important role”

USA expert Thomas Jäger explains whether Joe Biden can overcome the division of America. What to expect from his Vice President and why Trump will shape politics for a long time. From Michael Pohl There is still a chance of a dignified one Handover from Donald Trump an Joe Biden? Thomas Hunter: As for Donald … Read more

Biden threatens to oust Trump from White House if he does not relinquish power

Joe Biden’s campaign warned that Donald Trump could be escorted out of the White House, amid reports that he has no plans to relinquish the presidency. “The US Government is perfectly capable of escorting intruders out of the White House”Said Andrew Bates, campaign spokesman for Democratic candidate for the US Presidency, Joe Biden. In a … Read more

2020 US Elections | Trump’s legacy: pandemic, tax cut, little wall, much racial conflict and the most autocratic government

No US president goes unnoticed by the White House, but number 45, the controversial Donald Trump, less so. For the specialist in US policy of the Elcano Royal Institute, Carolina García Encinas, the qualifier that best serves to describe the Trump presidency is “chaotic.” In his opinion, Donald Trump “has been the least political president, … Read more