Here’s why Standard is forced to transfer cheaply to the transfer window!

Published on 08/05 at 6:45 p.m. Par Etienne Pairoux Since the expensive summer transfer window three years ago, Standard has brought in sixteen players, half of them free or on loan. And only two elements cost more than a million… **** ** ********* ***** **** ******* *********** ** *** *********** ** ***** *********** ** ******** … Read more

Why we should keep looking for exotic mosquitoes

After the discovery of an Asian forest mosquito in Maasmechelen, the health institute Sciensano and the Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) are calling on citizens to keep looking for exotic mosquitoes. After all, the presence of the Asian forest mosquito indicates an increasing introduction of exotic mosquitoes in our country. Via the website anyone … Read more

here is why the agreement between the State and Engie will not reduce your energy bill!

Published on Monday, July 25, 2022 at 04:00 Par Didier Swysen The extension of two reactors after 2025 raises many questions. The expert Francesco Contino (UC Louvain) helps us to see clearly. If there is an agreement between the State and Engie, can we be relieved: security of supply by 2026-2027 will be guaranteed? The … Read more

Former Imam of the Grand Mosque Triggers Controversy, Here’s Why…

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, RIYADH — A video showing the former Imam of the Grand Mosque, Makkah, Sheikh Adel al-Kalbani riding a Harley motorcycle and wearing modern clothes has shocked social media in Arab countries. Many called the behavior inappropriate, but many also supported it. Reported from al-Arabiya, Monday (18/7/2022), in a video recorded by a fan on … Read more

Morandi and Jova ‘teaser’ on social, La Ola – Music arrives

Gianni Morandi unleashed and ‘teaser’ on social media with his friend and colleague Jovanotti. With a post the next co-host of Sanremo announces that on July 15 a new song written for him by Jova will be released. It is called ‘La Ola’. “I like it a lot but you have to like it, otherwise … Read more

It became clear why Alzheimer’s disease is more common in women

Scientists have identified a gene that may explain why women are more prone to Alzheimer’s disease than men. It was noteworthy that the same gene did not have such an effect in men. Release: 17:11 – 02 July 2022 Dementia is twice as common in women as in men. Scientists also focused on this … Read more

If you have never-ending tiredness, the underlying reason is…

Vitamin B12 is a B vitamin that almost every cell in the body needs. It is necessary for the health of the nervous system, brain functions and the production of red blood cells. Although B12 is found in many foods, its deficiency is common. Our ability to absorb B12 from food also decreases as we … Read more

here’s why the transfer window hasn’t really started yet

Posted on Wednesday, June 22, 2022 at 1:52 p.m. Par Philippe Gerday Since his arrival at Standard, the Norwegian Ronny Deila has only worked with players who were already under contract at Sclessin. Even if the fans are getting a little impatient, the reason is very simple. On the sidelines of the presentation of the … Read more

That’s why he had good teeth! Defeated the insane disease at 70: There is a world

It was determined that Kezban Köse (70) living in Mersin had a benign tumor in his brain 10 years ago. Köse, who received radiation and drug treatment, relapsed after a while, although his pain eased at that time. Köse, who gave up the surgery after the doctor in Mersin said, ‘I can do the surgery, … Read more

Do not do this evil to yourself! Foods that cause fatty liver

Fatty liver may appear with symptoms such as decreased appetite, weakness-fatigue, yellowness of the eyes and skin, and widespread acne or rash on the skin. Fatty liver is basically classified as alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Non-alcoholic lubrication develops due to non-alcoholic causes. Obesity, high blood sugar, high blood cholesterol, liver infections and side effects of some … Read more