Janne Ahonen stood on the podium of the Finnish championship! A beautiful jump from a veteran [WIDEO]

The second place went to Eetu Nousiainen, but the fans’ attention on Sunday was focused almost exclusively on Ahonen. The one in the first round landed at 110 meters and before the second attempt he was in the sixth position. In it, he flew six meters further and by throwing the tape measure he jumped … Read more

The biggest fish area in the world. Sensational lights from Antarctica [WIDEO]

The discovery was made by the crew of a German research vessel crossing the Weddell Sea, one of the world’s coldest bodies of water. It was there, over 100 years ago, that ice destroyed Ernest Shackleton’s ship, forcing the traveler into a heroic rescue operation, perhaps the most famous in the history of exploring Antarctica. … Read more

USA. The plane accidentally landed on the tracks. The services pulled out the man at the last moment [WIDEO] | World news

To dangerous accident occurred in sunday in the Pacoima neighborhood of Los Angeles, at a very busy intersection. The recording of the services’ action very quickly circulated the media around the world. It shows several police officers releasing a man from a light plane, which had to make an emergency landing shortly after take-off. The … Read more

The fury spat at the passengers and made threats. “I will destroy the plane” [WIDEO]

Wizz Air’s flight started in Billund, Denmark, and was originally scheduled to end in Tuzla in Bosnia and Herzegovina. However too dense fog forced the pilot to change the route and the machine was directed to the airport. Nikola Tesla in Belgrade. One of the passengers, who was furious, did not like this solution. Suleiman … Read more

Behind the scenes of the meeting with Anne Applebaum and Donald Tusk at the ‘Wyborcza’ Club [WIDEO]

Anne Appelbaum and Donald Tusk met at the ‘Wyborcza’ Club on the occasion of the joint premiere of the book ‘Wybr’ (published by Agora Publishing House). We took the cameras behind the scenes of this meeting. The meeting of Anne Applebaum and Donald Tusk on December 7 at the ‘Wyborcza’ Club closed the series of … Read more

Microsoft is celebrating the premiere with an oil painting inspired by Renaissance battle painting [WIDEO] / CD-Action

Halo Infinite debuts today – and collects great grades. This is an especially pleasant surprise after the false launch at E3 last year and the subsequent postponement of the launch. Microsoft has decided to celebrate this special occasion in an extremely original way. The English painter Iva Troj was commissioned to create an occasional work … Read more

The Norwegian post office went all out. They introduced Santa Claus as … gay [WIDEO]

The spot is entitled “When Harry Met Santa Claus” – the protagonist of the clip is a man who is waiting for the arrival of Santa Claus. The title Harry writes a letter to Santa that instead of gifts, he wants Santa to be with him. After all, viewers of the ad can see … … Read more

The truck driver did not notice that he collided with a passenger car. He was dragging her under the trailer for 1.5 kilometers, and the trapped woman waved her arms out the window [WIDEO]

A very unusual accident happened on one of the highways in the United States. The truck driver somehow did not notice that he had collided with a passenger car, and then dragged the vehicle under the trailer for a kilometer and a half. The entire event was successfully registered. The incident occurred Tuesday on Interstate … Read more

The plane crashes into the sea, dramatic footage [Wideo]

The British F-35 jet crashed shortly after taking off from the carrier – the incident took place in early November, while the carrier was conducting flight operations in the Mediterranean Sea. The footage – shared on Twitter – is remarkable, and it looks like the F-35 jet is getting ready to take off. Instead of … Read more